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Willowen are a three piece alternative folk band from Bournemouth who play snazzy, original and unique acoustic songs with catchy choruses and deep structures.. A small band with big ambitions.

'You guys had some strong songs with a great connection to the crowd.'
-The OtherHalf

'Awesome all round performance. A young group of lads with huge potential.'
Alex Marle (The Winchester, Bournemouth)

‘Fantastic. I feel very summery now’
(It’s Own Sound)
‘Very anthemic that one, very sweet lyrics’
(The Bear & The Octopus)
-Addie Jay, Thunder FM

'Willowen sound promising, definitely part of the Bournemouth Surf Sea sound – upbeat, punchy and positive, evocative of long Summers and so on. 'The Story' instantly brings a smile to my face, simply because of the chord progressions, and the soulful chorus. Well worth trying to get to see these guys.'- Tim Heywood (Hope FM)

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Hot Vamp Club

Co-produced by Mick Whitnall (Babyshambles & future producer of Amy Winehouse, The Horrors), their long-awaited debut EP is being re-recorded in February for a mid-year release. Previews have already drawn comparisons to the ‘more sombre, beautiful end of The Maccabees catalogue.’ With fans ranging from Everything Everything to Flashguns, its no wonder its highly anticipated.

Indie-disco quartet Hot Vamp Club formed in early 2009 and have since been interviewed and featured on Radio One (BBC Switch), BBC Introducing (BBC 6) as well as included on the Best of Myspace Music and IndieFeed playlists.

Described by BBC Introducing as 'lovingly crafted, sincere Indie Pop,' their third demo was picked up by Topman US and 'Young Hearts, Slow Shoes' is now part of the Topman and Topshop UK in-store playlist, including the largest fashion store in the world on Oxford Street. Live, they've headlined the best venues across the South as well as having supported the likes of Flashguns and The Kabeedies on the way.

You can hear sketches of the new EP here: Join the mailing list to keep up to date:

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Years of dining out on past glories have finally come to an end as in December 2011 Tube took to the stage for the first time in exactly 7 years.

Always behind the curve and never afraid to follow the crowd, Lawrence, Chris, Jon and Si have put aside years of simmering tension, bitter disappointment and impending mid life crises to reform. They will play all the hits, all the misses, and, if Jon is able to locate his guitar, all of their instruments.

Some would say the world has moved on since Tube’s glorious heyday, almost a decade ago, however critics resoundingly agree that it has merely caught up and is possibly still lagging behind the blistering pace set by this trailblazing band whose ability to innovate, imitate and irritate in equal parts is exactly what has been missing from the live music scene for so long.

Tube. Rock.

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Lauren Bannon

Lauren Bannon is a Bournemouth based Indie Singer/Songwriter. Regularly playing events across the South and London. Taking influence from artists such as Eva Cassidy, Norah Jones & Regina Spektor to create a sound of nothing you've ever heard!]
Listen to Lauren at

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Singer Songwriter
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Streebeck are a 5 piece alt-country rock band from the south of England. It wasn’t always this way; it used to be the solo project of singer and guitarist Lawrence Mackrell, but has expanded further with each of their two album releases.

In 2006 after a successful solo performance at Manchester’s “In the City” music industry festival, Lawrence was invited by producers to record a live session at the famous BBC Maida Vale studios in West London. A three piece band was formed for this session adding bass and drums. Following this recording the three-piece went on to record their acclaimed 2006 debut “Without a Baedeker”, which included the single “Wasted Time”.

The release of “Without a Baedeker” was followed by extensive radio play on BBC Radio 2, amongst others, national radio sessions and a 50+ date national theatre tour. Following the tour, which yielded album sales in the thousands; the decision was made to turn the project into a fully fledged band. The addition of lead guitar, keyboards and backing vocals expanded their sound to create a fuller and warmer tone.

The release of second album, “Catch As Catch Can” sees rich and dynamic instrumentation add to the ‘melodic, raw and emotional song writing ‘that was the hallmark of the fantastic 2006 debut “Without a Baedeker”.

Drawing comparisons to artists such as Wilco, The Jayhawks and The Lemonheads, Streebeck continue to evolve. They will be playing a number of national dates this summer followed by a more extensive tour in Autumn 2010.

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Performing "post-punk electro pop", we take an alternative approach to music, with a charismatic performance every show.JCJESUS are a hard working band from Bournemouth, performing energetic sets with up to 75 minutes of material to choose from.

In our home town we have been working the circuit for over a year, performing in some of Bournemouth’s top music venues, and we are now looking to spread our wings to new towns to build up an even stronger fan-base.

We are an extremely versatile band and have performed with a variety of acts from different genres from punk-rock, acoustic to dubstep.

We have played 100 - 300 capacity venues and after this first slot we will become a great resource to you for future events.

We are willing to travel the distance with no expense to you or the venue. All we ask for is the opportunity to perform, win over new fans, and put on a crowd pleasing show.

Past Shows
03-02-12 @ Private gig - Bournemouth
22-01-12 @ Centre stage - Bournemouth
06-01-12 @ Champions - Bournemouth
08-12-11 @ Cellar Bar - Boscombe
10-09-11 @ Kings Park, Boscombe
25-08-11 @ Walkabout - Bournemouth
19-08-11 @ The Green Rooms, Bournemouth
05-08-11 @ The Talking Heads - Soton
04-08-11 @ The Greenrooms - Bmth
02-06-11 @ The Winchester - Bmth
16-04-11 @ Champions - Bmth - 250 Capacity
23-03-11 @ Champions - Bmth - 250 Capacity
18-02-11 @ The Winchester - Bmth
10-12-10 @ I-Bar - Bmth
25-11-10 @ The Cellar Bar, Chaplins,Bosocombe
12-11-10 @ The Green Room - Bmth
29-10-10 @ Champions - Bmth - 250 Capacity
12-09-10 @ Boscombe Community Feastival
27-08-10 @ Sound Circus - Bmth - 300 Capacity
13-08-10 @ The Winchester - Bmth

JCJESUS ReviewConrad Barr - Rubber Soul Promotions
"It were a blast - don't think tha live area has ever been so rammed AND so well choreographed! Let's not wait for anutha random Rubber @ The Cellar"

"most energetic on-stage aerobics workout I've ever seen"
"This duo of Bournemouth based rave lovers really know how to bring a stage and a crowd to life with one punchy, fast and mind numbingly awesome tune"

"JCJESUS is certainly a space to watch for those who enjoy a great live performance"


1 x Laptop Direct into 2 x DI-Box (L&R)
1 x Guitar Via Roland Cube 60 / Guitar amp (to be mic'd if required)
1 x Electric Violin into 1 x DI-Box
1 x Bass Guitar via AMP / Amp (to be mic'd if required)
1 x Yamaha Key-Tar into 1 x DI-Box
2 x Vocals

To be supplied by the promoter / Sound engineer
4 x DI-Boxes ( we can supply a pre mixer to deal with 4 inputs )
2 x Vocals



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Lucas Raye

Lucas Raye is an up and coming solo artist from the South, and an experienced, professional singer/acoustic guitar player. His musical career has taken him across Britain from Newquay to Edinburgh, and he has been playing shows at a wide variety of venues for 6 years.

Lucas has had his original recordings and live performances played to hundreds of thousands of listeners on BBC radio on several occasions, and is currently writing and recording material for an upcoming E.P release. Fool's Move, Lucas's recently released single is now available for download from iTunes.

His “one-man-band” style of performance is made possible with the use of the latest and most advance loop pedal on the market, the Boss RC-50 Loop Station. With this Lucas is able to record percussion, backing vocals and additional guitar parts live in front of an audience, and then incorporate those recordings into the song he is playing. All this is done smoothly and quickly, resulting in a full band sound being generated live by one man!

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Singer Songwriter