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Wild Fire

Wild Fire are a little-known sensation. The three-piece from Bournemouth disguise indie rock with precise and poetic delivery, combining the best of their influences to create innovative and naturally atmospheric anthems.

Favourites of local Radio, they are now firmly grounded in their local music scene, having played at sold-out shows at venues such as Mr. Kyps, The Winchester, iBar and Champions.

Signed to Hand In Glove Records after their independently released debut EP, 'Glass Diamond'. Wild Fire will release their first single on Hand In Glove Records later in 2011.

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Del Malone

Del Malone is a Bournemouth based singer-songwriter and musician, previously the frontman for local 4-piece rock band 'Parker' and now performing as a solo artist.

Del showcases an impressive vocal range, creating both variety and intimacy in his performances. Rich, colourful melodies combine with solid acoustic guitar work to convey stories of both personal and observed experiences.

His first solo E.P. 'Bulletproof' was released on i-Tunes in May 2011 and includes performances from local violinist Lucy Martin who often accompanies Del at live shows, most recently at the Bournemouth Musicosity Festival headlined by Reef in September 2011. Tags: 
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Singer Songwriter

Ant Henson

Sounds like Paolo Nutini dry humping Grace Slick on the sofa while Stevie Nicks seduces a drunken Jason Mraz in the corner. Oh, and whiskey. It sounds a bit like an unpainted Austin A30 running on whiskey.

Inspiration is; Sunshine, 12 string loveliness, driving fast in August with the windows down, heartbreak, girls in short skirts and high heels, street life, that beautiful 5th bottle of Budweiser, this whole damn brutal universe.

"The release of Ant Henson’s new single, ‘I Love You and I Miss You’ is perfectly timed. No, not because it coincides with his first UK tour, nor because it happens to come out just as Spotify [where a free sample of Henson's release is available to listen to online] overtakes iTunes as the record companies' favourite online music service, but more because it is the perfect accompaniment to what will hopefully be a long, lazy summer.
"Picture the scene: steak on the barbie, beer in the cooler, iPod on shuffle; then, after the Isley Brothers have faded out, you hear pure acoustic bliss. The tune is catchy (but not annoyingly so), and invokes memories of Mumm-Ra, one of Henson’s key influences. The guitar playing is not invasive, and the instrumental section towards the end reminds one of a Richard Durrant masterpiece – imagine an audio accompaniment to a Jack Kerouac novel, and you should get an idea of what it sounds like.
"The other songs on the EP are equally entertaining: clever rhythms pervade ‘She’s Crying’, and ‘Incredible’ sounds like what would happen if Dylan could sing. Overall, a highly satisfying EP, and one that should remain on the summer playlist until the nights start drawing in."

- Chris Riley, Junction 11 Radio

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Singer Songwriter

Lauren Bannon

Lauren Bannon is a Bournemouth based Indie Singer/Songwriter. Regularly playing events across the South and London. Taking influence from artists such as Eva Cassidy, Norah Jones & Regina Spektor to create a sound of nothing you've ever heard!]
Listen to Lauren at

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Singer Songwriter
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Bel Casino

Bel Casino are very much a product of the South Coast... Life and love by the sea has worked its influence into their music in an evocative way. Whether you view the music live or lock into a recording, the sights and sounds of the streets and beaches they walk are brimming out of the songs.

The band's sound is about melody and meaning. They are looking to connect with an audience's spirit through tales of love and adventure, locked up in stories and metaphors.

The band has enjoyed a number of successes since getting together in late 2008, notably being semi-finalists in 2010's Dorset Music Awards, receiving critical praise on BBC Introducing South's Demo Panel and subsequently appearing as the live session band on that show, securing a live interview and acoustic session on Wave 105, recording and releasing their début EP "Seventeen", not to mention playing numerous sell out shows across the south of England.

Bel Casino are proud of their reputation as an ambitious, professional young band looking to make the most of every opportunity that comes their way!

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Years of dining out on past glories have finally come to an end as in December 2011 Tube took to the stage for the first time in exactly 7 years.

Always behind the curve and never afraid to follow the crowd, Lawrence, Chris, Jon and Si have put aside years of simmering tension, bitter disappointment and impending mid life crises to reform. They will play all the hits, all the misses, and, if Jon is able to locate his guitar, all of their instruments.

Some would say the world has moved on since Tube’s glorious heyday, almost a decade ago, however critics resoundingly agree that it has merely caught up and is possibly still lagging behind the blistering pace set by this trailblazing band whose ability to innovate, imitate and irritate in equal parts is exactly what has been missing from the live music scene for so long.

Tube. Rock.

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If energy, talent and passion could be measured in gold, Fearne would be millionaires. The Bournemouth foursome, Alex Beds (vocal and acoustic guitar), Adam Pulfer (vocals and electric guitar), Nick Bryson (vocals, bass and synths) and Darren Barret (drums) are taking indie pop/rock to a whole new level and winning an army of fans in the process. With exceptional live performances it’s no wonder they have been on the road supporting artists such as Feeder, Athlete, Nizlopi, Stornoway and Diana Vickers. 2009 saw a busy year of touring culminating in their playing to 10,000 people and gaining many new fans with several sessions for BBC Radio Solent. Now with a new 6 track self-titled EP, 2010 is set to see them reach even greater heights.

Principal songwriter of the band, Alex Beds, has the voice and the lyrics to simultaneously charm you and break your heart. But don’t be fooled by his quiet assurance and unassuming persona, this man is a born entertainer and can whip up a crowd to fever pitch within seconds of stepping out onto the stage. The rhythm section of Fearne is key to their sound. Nick Bryson’s driving bass lines inject electric energy and funky overtones to deliver an exciting, multi-layered, complex sound. With Adam Pulfer’s searing lead guitar and Darren Barret’s throbbing drum section Fearne conjure up sonorous perfection. With influences from Damien Rice to Marty McFly, the Fearne boys’ eclecticism is charming.

Fearne’s magic lies in mixing the recognised Brighton sound with the heartfelt, weighty delivery emblematic of romantic Bournemouth. Further add a measure of dry wit with a good dose of eccentricity and you have a recipe for success. If you like your indie pop/rock energetic, your band members passionate and your performances polished to perfection, then look no further.

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Back in 1994, before mobile phones, flatscreens or the PS2, teenage man-boys had to make their own entertainment. For the 4 members of legendary funk/pop noise-terrorists GEL, that involved stripping to the waist and pounding their instruments like Bonobo chimps.

Fortunately, there were a lot of other chimps out there who seemed to enjoy that sort of thing, and before long Gel were playing (often in their underwear) to packed-out crowds all over London and the South West. Their demo tape Another Fine Day (yes, an actual TAPE) sold hundreds of copies. They even got on the Radio. It was a glorious, salty, snotty, and very confusing time. What went wrong? Higher education. Once again, University ruined 4 young people’s career prospects. Tsk.

Flash forward 16 years and the Gel line-up now boasts a plumbing guru, a near-senile local business legend, a forensic investigator (CSI Cardiff) and a former nanny. Barring pending paternity suits, they have fathered 5 children that we can be absolutely sure of. In short, they have grown up. Sort of.

But the years have not been unkind to Gel, and the hedonistic, egocentric, tone-deaf spark that first brought them together is still very much alive. So every few years they dust off their kit, massage their knuckles and prepare to utter those immortal lines once more:

“One two…
buckle my shoe…
poo poo… you…” Tags: 
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Ignite the Night

Ignite the Night are a 3 piece rock band from Bournemouth, that have been together for just over a year and gigging locally in venues such as the Winchester, The cellar bar, Champions, the iBar and local music festivals.

They have produced their own 9 track album and at the end of last year worked with producer Jamie to produce a new EP.

Ignite the Night has been reviewed as:
"This is an impressive band. Their songs contain catchy hooks and full-throated vocals composed of strong, simple melodies, set against a thunderous rhythmic background. The versatility of lead singer (Andi Norton.) is evident throughout, from the fierce delivery of 'Only what you want' to the fragility of their song 'Won my Heart'. There is impressive variation across their set; Won my Heart is a fine piece of progressive rock, while Change is gothic and despairing. The funky Over and Out is a highlight, as is a red-blooded cover of Britney Spears’ Toxic. Overall this band show great promise for the future." - Dan Bone

Ignite the Night, is looking to promote themselves beyond Bournemouth in this coming year and start playing larger venues.

Ignite the Night Are:
Andi Norton - Guitar and Vocals
Kris Gooding - Bass and BV
Simon Shepperd - Drums

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Performing "post-punk electro pop", we take an alternative approach to music, with a charismatic performance every show.JCJESUS are a hard working band from Bournemouth, performing energetic sets with up to 75 minutes of material to choose from.

In our home town we have been working the circuit for over a year, performing in some of Bournemouth’s top music venues, and we are now looking to spread our wings to new towns to build up an even stronger fan-base.

We are an extremely versatile band and have performed with a variety of acts from different genres from punk-rock, acoustic to dubstep.

We have played 100 - 300 capacity venues and after this first slot we will become a great resource to you for future events.

We are willing to travel the distance with no expense to you or the venue. All we ask for is the opportunity to perform, win over new fans, and put on a crowd pleasing show.

Past Shows
03-02-12 @ Private gig - Bournemouth
22-01-12 @ Centre stage - Bournemouth
06-01-12 @ Champions - Bournemouth
08-12-11 @ Cellar Bar - Boscombe
10-09-11 @ Kings Park, Boscombe
25-08-11 @ Walkabout - Bournemouth
19-08-11 @ The Green Rooms, Bournemouth
05-08-11 @ The Talking Heads - Soton
04-08-11 @ The Greenrooms - Bmth
02-06-11 @ The Winchester - Bmth
16-04-11 @ Champions - Bmth - 250 Capacity
23-03-11 @ Champions - Bmth - 250 Capacity
18-02-11 @ The Winchester - Bmth
10-12-10 @ I-Bar - Bmth
25-11-10 @ The Cellar Bar, Chaplins,Bosocombe
12-11-10 @ The Green Room - Bmth
29-10-10 @ Champions - Bmth - 250 Capacity
12-09-10 @ Boscombe Community Feastival
27-08-10 @ Sound Circus - Bmth - 300 Capacity
13-08-10 @ The Winchester - Bmth

JCJESUS ReviewConrad Barr - Rubber Soul Promotions
"It were a blast - don't think tha live area has ever been so rammed AND so well choreographed! Let's not wait for anutha random Rubber @ The Cellar"

"most energetic on-stage aerobics workout I've ever seen"
"This duo of Bournemouth based rave lovers really know how to bring a stage and a crowd to life with one punchy, fast and mind numbingly awesome tune"

"JCJESUS is certainly a space to watch for those who enjoy a great live performance"


1 x Laptop Direct into 2 x DI-Box (L&R)
1 x Guitar Via Roland Cube 60 / Guitar amp (to be mic'd if required)
1 x Electric Violin into 1 x DI-Box
1 x Bass Guitar via AMP / Amp (to be mic'd if required)
1 x Yamaha Key-Tar into 1 x DI-Box
2 x Vocals

To be supplied by the promoter / Sound engineer
4 x DI-Boxes ( we can supply a pre mixer to deal with 4 inputs )
2 x Vocals



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