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David Cooper

There are at least three artists known as David Cooper: 1. David Cooper, an american trumpets player for jazz and classical music. He is also a composer and arranger with numerous jazz, rock and commercial ensembles. 2. David "David C" Cooper, a young musician for calm, guitar supported electronica. His songs are available for free on his website. 3. David Cooper is David Cooper.

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Tine Thing Helseth

Tine Thing Helseth (phonetic pron.Tin-eh Ting Hel-set) (Norwegian pronunciation: [ˈtiːnɛ tɪŋ hɛlsɛt]; born August 18, 1987 in Oslo) is a Norwegian trumpet soloist specializing in classical repertoire. Helseth started to play trumpet at the age of 7 and studies at the Barratt Due Institute of Music in Oslo. Her teachers have included Heidi Johanessen (Norwegian National Opera Orchestra) and since 2002 Arnulf Naur Nilsen (Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra).[1]

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