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IRELAND Killarney

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18 Oct 2019

Best known from the T.V. show 'Later...with Jools Holland' who provide back up for guests that perform on the show. They also tour the U.K each year, normally promoting songs from their albums, which are collaborative in nature playing with names such as: George Harrison, Ringo Star, Sting, Dr...

19 Jan 2020

There are two artists with this name: 1) A fictional trio played by Steve Martin, Martin Short and Chevy Chase in the film of the same name, and 2) A British hip-hop crew. The 3 Amigos are a 3 man hip hop crew made up of producer Naive, and 2 MCs L.Lyricist & Bva. The group are dented...

7 Feb 2020

Isla Grant was born in wigtonshire scotland UK
In a business where the failures far outnumber the successes, and artists' rise and fall are equally dependent upon trends and the whim of the public, this Scottish born entertainer struggled long and hard to achieve her star. Like others...