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3 Mar 2018

Having played with Ian Dury for many years as Ian Dury and the Blockheads, The Blockheads continued to play...

27 Apr 2018

Heather Small began her music career in the band Hot!House before selling over 10 million records with M People and then releasing solo material. Her debut album 'Proud' enetered the album chart at number 11. In 2005 she returned with a re-release of the single 'Proud' as it was named the...

19 Apr 2018

The White Buffalo is quite possibly a legend in the making. A throwback to the time of hard touring, hard drinking artists who really lived what they sang about. Everything about him is big, from his imposing physical size to his amazing vocal range. He’s as comfortable playing in a dive bar as...

15 Feb 2018

Is there really such a thing as a hillbilly band covering AC/DC classics? You betcha. They are called Hayseed Dixie. The Hayseed Dixie fan base is not limited to a front row audience who collectively have three teeth between them. AC/DC are fans too. They even once played for AC/DC at one of...

7 Mar 2018

Paul Edward Draper (born 26 September 1970 in Wavertree, Liverpool) is an English singer-songwriter and was the lead singer for the rock band Mansun. Along with bassist Stove King, and guitarist Dominic Chad, Draper was a founding member of Mansun. In an uncredited role, he has worked with...

2 Feb 2018

Natalie Jane Imbruglia (born February 4, 1975) is an Australian singer and actress. The second of the four daughters of an Italian father and an Australian mother, Natalie grew up on the Central Coast, north of Sydney, Australia. Like...

16 Mar 2018

Alabama 3 are a band originating from Brixton, England, their music incorporates elements of country,...

11 Feb 2018

Jorja Smith is a 19-year-old newcomer from Walsall, UK. Smith impressed many and earned attention with her hip-hop and R&B-inspired debut single "Blue Lights" and has taken the rest of the year to deliver songs that fuse soul, blues, and even classical. She spent much of 2016 getting people...

6 Mar 2018

Rejjie Snow is anything but your ordinary hip hop artist. This talented 19-year-old rapper is being touted as the next star to shoot out of the Emerald Isle. He's already gaining a following in the UK and spreading his rhymes slowly across the European continent.

9 Mar 2018

There are different bands under the same name:
1. A British alternative rock group active in the 1990's and best known for their single "Female Of The Species".
2. A French synthpop group active in the 1970's and the 1980's
3. An alias of Jimmy Cauty of The KLF
4. The...

15 Jun 2018

Nick Heyward had a modestly successful solo career after leaving Haircut 100, beginning with the 1983 album North Of A Miracle (#10 UK). This album produced three UK top 20 hits: Heyward's first solo hit,...

17 Feb 2018

John Cooper Clarke (born January 25, 1949) is a performance poet from Salford, Greater Manchester , England, affectionately known as the Bard of Salford. He is often referred to as a punk poet, having initially achieved recognition in the late 1970s amidst the flourishing punk movement. His...

28 Jan 2018

Originally from Winchester, This Is The Kit is the brainchild of Kate Stables, occasionally joined by Jesse D. Vernon of Kate's other project Morningstar, and also Emily Stables. Kate also has a third project, Whalebone Polly, with Rachael Dadd.

10 Mar 2018
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There are five artists with this name:
1. A popular British alternative band active from 1993 to 1998
2. A dubstep producer from Coventry, England
3. An experimental hip-hop musician
4. A garage rock band from Oklahoma formed in 2008.
5. A minimal house...

24 Mar 2018

Turin Brakes are a modern folk pop duo comprising two friends Olly Knights and Gale Paridjanian, hailing from Balham, London, signed to the Source label. Turin Brakes have often been compared to many of the New Acoustic Movement's bands spawned in the late 90's such as...

8 Apr 2018
16 Apr 2018

using inopportune moments and a musical alphabet as deep as the sea, little comets are currently traversing a sextet of cities with nothing but shine in the apples of their eyes. somehow soon this combination of pockets, testing, melody and treason will stumble across your path and leave an...