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There are 2 bands in the name Freeloader, 1 is a Norwegian artist
and 2 is a jazz-band from the Netherlands.
The Norwegian artist Freeloader (Isak Rypdal/Hanne Romsaas) International DJ support:

- Judge Jules (Radio One, UK)
* 6 times on radio one, UK, 1½ month in Jules’ personal top 10, supported for 5 months now (since Miami, and still supporting) Tried & Tested AND winner of “Judge It Yourself” - listeners chart (by votes) on Jules’ radio one show.
- Marco V

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There are two bands named Brothers. The first is from Exeter, England and consists of Reza, Ben and Anna! They play punk rock in the vein of Discount, Kid Dynamite and other similiar bands. They feature members of The Cut Ups, Targets, The Dead City Stereo and probably a million others! The second is a melodic hardcore band from Grand Rapids, MI featuring ex-members of Comeback Kid. Their debut full length album titled "Black Friday" was released via Saw Her Ghost Records in August of 2007.

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After falling into the river Tees during a stevedoring incident in 1998, Ste McGregor washed up on the fair shores of Brighton in early 1999.
With a ramshackle pile of vinyl and old calculator bits, he set about changing the music world forever. These formative years were creatively fruitful, nailing tonnes of animated promos for Midfield General (Midfielding), Lo Fidelity Allstars (Sleeping Faster) and a whole host of lousy tribute acts.

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Thomas Datt

Thomas Datt has been slowly breaking through to the forefront of the world's trance scene since 2003. From his first remix release to his breakout hit 'Alone', he continues to produce an onslaught of the most emotive music going. He has done remixes for labels such as ASOT, ID&T, Vandit, Bostich, Adjusted, and Euphonic, lending them his trademark melodic and banging trance sound. Born in Kolberg (Kolobrzeg) Poland in 1983 and later moved to United States in 1992. Ever since Thomas was 15 years old he knew he wanted to entertain and express himself in some form of techno.

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Rafael is a singer-songwriter that gained a little buzz after uploading "Gaydar" on youtube, a version to the Britney Spears song "Radar". The EP featuring pop, R&B and electro songs showcasing androgynous vocals is due for release in 2011. For the spanish singer change your tags to Raphael.

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