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Developed In Denton, Texas in the latter half of 2009 & the early part of 2010, Sextape is currently finishing their first EP. Members:
Jennifer Wohlrab
Marcus Webb Collaborations:
Gray St. Germain Gideon
Avery Alan (of Fizzy DINo POp) On the web:

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Ilona is FOUR different singers/bands: -- 1: Ilona Mitrecey (more commonly known as Ilona) (born September 1, 1993) is a young French singer. She became famous in France after the release of her hit single, "Un monde parfait" ("A Perfect World"), a high-energy techno song which had already been released in Italy in March 2004 under the name Très Bien featuring Ilona, on February 28, 2005, based on a traditional Neapolitan song.

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alan starck
Alan Starck was Ominim Records 1st signing outside of mainstay Yimino. Alerted to Ominim by a good old fashioned demo tape, his playful and humorous electronics were immediately appealable to the label looking for new talent. A doctor by day, Alan was born in Hammersmith before escaping to the council estates of Suffolk. He had early career advice to be a "wig maker" at school but luckily didn't follow it through.

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