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Nineteen different artists share the name Aurora. It's a russian screamo band, a duo of English trance/dance producers, a Danish death metal band, a Japanese band, a Hungarian punk group, a Latvian rock band, an Albanian act, an American dance trio, a German dark-wave band, a Swedish alt. demo band, a Polish new wave group, a Chilean electronic project, A British Prog/New Age/Space Rock Group, a rock band from Sydney, Australia, a rap duo and a jazz-band from Denmark. Aurora is a russian screamo band formed out of the ashes of another russian band pro'spect. they've recently released a demo.

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There may be 4 descriptions of Balloon: 1. See also DJ Balloon. Do yourself and a favour. Correct Your Tags! 2. There is also an English alternative band named Balloon who released <I>Gravity</I> in 1992. The best known track was "Tightrope Walker", a duet with Sarah McLachlan. 3. A dutch prog-rock band. 4. It's also previous name of Vector Lovers. (1992-2000)

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Strange Talk

Strange Talk is an indie synth-pop Melbourne band that formed in February 2010. The band has been writing an EP over 2010 and plans an official release later in the year. The band's sound has been heavily compared to Phoenix, Passion Pit and Cut Copy. In March 2011 it was anounced that their EP 'Strange Talk' will be released through Neon Gold / Sony on April 12, 2011

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Jessica Lowndes

Jessica Lowndes (born November 8, 1988) is a Canadian actress and aspiring singer. Jessica was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. She attended Pacific Academy in Surrey, BC. She was discovered in Vancouver by the producers of Masters of Horror. She recurred as Mandi on the ABC Family hit series Greek. She is also a singer-songwriter and her song "Goodbye" was used prominently in the TV series Moonlight-- in Ep 1.12: "The Mortal Cure", CBS. 2008-01-18. She currently plays Adrianna Tate-Duncan, a pregnant teenager with a serious drug addiction, on the new 90210.

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