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The Pink Floyd Experience

The Internationally Acclaimed Rock Spectacular! THE PINK FLOYD EXPERIENCE is exactly what it says, an experience. Everything about this concert, from the spectacular light show and crystal-clear sound to the soaring guitar solos, is inspired by a deep respect for the music of Pink Floyd. Both the musicianship and the attention to detail of this nine piece band are astonishing. Critics and audiences around the world have been unanimous in their praise for this extraordinary concert performance. Australia’s Adelaide Advertiser is a perfect example.

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Hammer of the Gods

There are two bands called Hammer Of The Gods
1) This supergroup formed by Mike Portnoy is a cover band tribute to Led Zeppelin. Members:
Mike Portnoy - drums (Dream Theater)
Paul Gilbert - guitar (Mr. Big)
Dave LaRue - bass (Dixie Dregs)
Daniel Gildenlow - vocals (Pain of Salvation, ex-The Flower Kings)
2) A metal band from the UK, the band gained reputation after playing live shows in 2011 supporting Crowbar.

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The Murder Scene Drama Club

The Murder Scene Drama Club is a Camp Verde-based alternative rock band, conceived by lead singer Jesse Crawford. The members are Caitlin "Cat (The Marauder)" Chapman, the lead guitarist and screamer, James D. Thewlis, the drummer and harmony vocalist, and Crawford, the lead vocalist/keyboards. They are most notable for covering many bands of varying genres, including The Smiths and My Chemical Romance.

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The Fives

The Fives is a 5 piece band hailing from County Antrim, Ireland. The lineup from 2006 to present consists of Kieran McKillop - Lead Vocals
Declan Sharpe - Drums, Backing Vocals
Michael McElhinney - Rhythm Guitar
Matthew Magill - Bass
Conor O'Toole - Lead Guitar The band is influenced by Classic Rock, such as Poison and Bryan Adams, as well as more contemporary Indy, for example You Me At Six and Elliot Minor.

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Catch the Rainbow

Catch the Rainbow A Tribute to Rainbow Ah yes, it's time to ride the rainbow all over again. There aren't many who should be bold enough to try to reinterpret one of the all-time greats as Rainbow once were and continue to be to this day, but this latest assembly of fine German musicians have brought forth a spirited attempt that goes beyond doing justice to the original. Banded together from already known classic lineups featuring members of Helloween, Gamma Ray, Gravedigger, Primal Fear.

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Hells Belles

1) HellsBelles was a British heavy metal band formed in England in 1984 at the latter stages of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM). The band, now reformed by original member Paul Quigley as HellsBelles, originally released one LP in 1986 on the Raw Power label of Castle Communications "Hell's Belles", one 12" single 'Barricades' also in 1986 on the Raw Power label and various tracks released throughout the 1990s on various rock compilation albums, tracks such as "Long Legs", "If It Don't Make Your Ears Bleed...

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Fairy Mountain

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The Muscle club

The Muscle Club think it's hard writing a bio, At the moment they do a lot of things themselves, book their own shows, print their own T-Shirts and stuff. It's a lot of fun, it's a lot of fun as they get to play with their favourite bands and that fun is clear from the second they walk on stage! - They're doing our first ever mini-tour! New Recordings in December!
- Played the NME stage at Cardiff's own SWN festival.

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