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Aimee Mann

Kurtis Gentle

Guitarist and songwriter, Kurtis Gentle.
Quietly spoken and extremely determined, this 18 year old from country Victoria, Australia surprises a crowd once an instrument is put in his hand, whether that instrument be guitar, banjo or lap slide. With a seemingly effortless voice and intricate guitar work he is proving to be an immense and evolving new talent. Kurtis says his music could be described as and that he likes to keep things simple, but

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The Budda Cakes

OFFICIAL SITE Vintage Future ala Jules Verne meets Electro-Accordeon and 1984-Walkman. Dead Kids, Sue Denim, Robots In Disguise ... they all want a piece of this new musical style from London. The Budda Cakes make you happy, make you smile, make you wanna tell the world about their alternative take on modern music.
They are possibly one of the most diverse acts one has ever seen.
Their popularity is definitely on the up.

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