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La Excelencia

La Excelencia has been called "the band that brought salsa back to it's roots". The response to "La Excelencia's" salsa has created a sort of movement.

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Eddie C

Edward Currelly, aka Eddie C, is a Canadian DJ and renowned slo-mo/disco/edits producer who has been making and playing music for the masses since the early 90s. He saw his first official releases in 2009; his debut LP, Parts Unknown, came out in Spring 2011 on the Endless Flight label. Eddie C also runs the 7 Inches of Love imprint with fellow Canadian disco-head The Mole.

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Snowboy & The Latin Section

Snowboy (aka Mark Cotgrove) is a UK-based Afro Cuban percussionist, bandleader, DJ, music critic, journalist and music promoter. Featured in the Who's Who of Latin American Music, Snowboy has released 11 albums and 17 singles in a career that spans over 15 years and has taken him and his authentic Afro-Cuban sound to concert stages all over the world. Snowboy with his band The Latin Section, comprising the cream of the UK's Latin Jazz musicians, carries the torch with their authentic Latin Jazz style.

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There are six artists using this name
1. A German jazz/funk-percussion group active in the early 70's
2. A French duo active from the early 80's until the early 90's
3. A Ukrainian group
4. A Spanish hard rock band
5. The lead singer for defunct 70's experimental band Destroy All Monsters
6. An Italian progressive rock band (1.) The German jazz/funk-percussion group, Niagara, existing between 1971-1973.

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There are two artists with this name: 1.JLS (Jodio Loco Sucio) is a power trio originally from Santo Domingo Dominican Republic and founded by Leo Susana. 2. JLS (Jack the Lad Swing) are a four-piece boy group. 1. They have released 3 albums of hard rock / metal all with different line-ups.
The first album, Testigos de la Historia was recorded in Midilab Studios ( famous for it's use by major latin artists of all genres ) and released in 1997. It contains the now classic cuts in the dominican rock scene "Enemigo de la Sociedad", "Patra", "Dame tu Sexo", "Me da la gana".

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Saravah Soul

Exploding out of the rich cultural mix in the melting-pot of London, UK’s underground music scene comes the half-Brazilian, half-British, Afro-Brazilian funk sound of Saravah Soul. Fronted by fiery break dancer Otto Nascarella, the intensity of their live shows has earned them a reputation for wild performances and a rapidly expanding fan base. Now their ground breaking first album (self-titled Saravah Soul) has caused an international stir amongst record labels eager to sign them, and the band seems set on an unstoppable rise to even wider acclaim.

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Los Nocheros

Los Nocheros is a pop/folk music group from Argentina. Their 1994 debut album was titled Con El Alma and they were a nominee for folk album in the Latin Grammy Awards of 2005 With 14 albums so far, their sales are about 2,000,000 only in Argentina

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