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Gaby Amarantos

Gaby Amarantos is a singer and dancer from the city of Belém, in the northern state of Pará and comes from a family of Samba dancers. She's recorded a few CDs, a DVD, has been featured in newspapers and magazines and has made several appearances on Brazilian television shows. Her music sounds like a mashup of 90s Euro rave, moombahton, cumbia, and the kind of Hispanic electro-pop you hear in discos on holiday when you're out of your mind on budget cocktails. Like Gloria Estefan with techno knobs on – or rather, Glozzer in a clinch with Technotronic.

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Johnny Chingas

Raul Garza better known as Johnny Chingas, there isn't much information on him in the internet other an excerpt from a Don Snowden story that was published in the Los Angeles Times on 3/1/1985: Nobody needs to tell Jonny Chingas about the difficulties of the do-it-yourself approach to pop music. The singer/saxophonist/keyboardist, who brings his eight-piece band to the Lingerie tonight, has been acting as a one-man record company during his seven-year campaign to break into the pop mainstream.

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There are several bands with this name: 1) OVNI (as in U.F.O) is a core band from Los Angeles CA (Outer Space) 2) For the 60s Uruguayan band see Ovni 87. 3) OVNI is a progressive rock band from El Salvador. 4) OVNI is a metal band from Maputo, Mozambique. Members:
Vocals: Nemesis
Guitar: Izzy
Guitar: Anatoly
Bass: Lapito
Drums: Nando

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Sierra Maestra

Sierra Maestra are a Cuban band started in 1976. They sought to revive 1920's classic son, which came from the mountain range on the east of Cuba, after which the band was named. Their members included Juan de Marcos Gonzalez, before he left to join the Afro-Cuban All Stars and Jesus Alemany, who formed Cubanisimo. The band is still together. Tags: 
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El Caco

El Caco is a band from Lillestrøm, Norway. The members, Øyvind Osa (vocals and bass guitar), Thomas Fredriksen (drums) and Anders Gjersti (guitar), began working together in 1998. Fredrik Wallumrød joined the band in 2008. About El Caco (MySpace)
One listen to the masters of the road El Caco and the smell of hot leather and burning rubber will return with vengeance. These Norwegian road bandits have the ability to grasp the finer elements of their influences and mould them into their own diverse sound.

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There are two artists with this name: 1.JLS (Jodio Loco Sucio) is a power trio originally from Santo Domingo Dominican Republic and founded by Leo Susana. 2. JLS (Jack the Lad Swing) are a four-piece boy group. 1. They have released 3 albums of hard rock / metal all with different line-ups.
The first album, Testigos de la Historia was recorded in Midilab Studios ( famous for it's use by major latin artists of all genres ) and released in 1997. It contains the now classic cuts in the dominican rock scene "Enemigo de la Sociedad", "Patra", "Dame tu Sexo", "Me da la gana".

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