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Reptilian is the name of a heavy metal band hailing from the south of Sweden. The band started their musical career in 1999 and consists of Joel Linder (drums, ex Majestic), Jonas Blum (vocals, ex-Majestic), Jonas Reingold (bass, also Flowerkings and Midnight Sun), Thomas Blum (keyboards) and Peter Espinoza (guitar, ex- Nasty Idols) and Lasse Boquist (guitars).

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The Flower Kings

Swedish band. Formed in 1993 by veteran guitarist Roine Stolt as a touring band to support his solo album The Flower King, the band stayed together after the tour and has gone on to become one of the most prolific studio recording units in rock music of their era. In ten years it has released nearly 18 hours of music. The Flower Kings have seen frequent personnel changes. The original line-up for Stolt's solo album consisted of Stolt (vocals, electric guitar, bass, keyboards), Jamie Salazar (drums), and Hasse Fr

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