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Otouto is a Melbourne-based band that is centered on the music of singer and songwriter Hazel Brown. With the help of Kishore Ryan (Kid Sam, Seagull) on drums/pots and Hazel's sister Martha Brown on vocals and keys, the trio's influence lies in salt of the earth folk tradition, the soul music of Motown and Philadelphia and those working at the edges of today's melting pot of pop, folk, electronica and hip-hop.

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Culture Club

Culture Club was a popular 1980s pop group, perhaps most noticeable for their gender-bending frontman Boy George. The other members of the band were Roy Hay on guitars and keyboards, Mikey Craig playing bass and Jon Moss (ex Damned, London, Adam and the Ants) on drums. Their first album, 1982's Kissing to Be Clever, became a major international hit, spawning the hit singles "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me" (which went 'all the way' in the BBC-Charts in late 1982), "Time (Clock of the Heart)", and "I'll Tumble 4 Ya".

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The Heebie Jeebies

Lo-fi, calypso, fiddly, twonk pop. These are labels thrown around wildly, like poo against a monkey's caged wall. Which is what you may liken The Heebie Jeebies playing style to. But that would be paying them a huge compliment. I JOKE. They are a 3 piece originally from the combined parts of Rotherham and Swinton but now based in deepest, darkest West Sheffield and are the ramshackle strum-pop trio you've been waiting you're whole life for. Or perhaps just the last couple of hours. Who knows.

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Scissor Sisters

Scissor Sisters are a five-piece American glam pop/disco band from New York. The band was formed in 2000 by lead vocalist Jake Shears (born Jason Sellards) and keyboardist/bass guitarist Babydaddy (born Scott Hoffman). The other members are Ana Matronic (born Ana Lynch), lead vocals, Del Marquis (born Derek Gruen), guitar, and Randy Real, drums - who replaced Paddy Boom after he parted from the band in 2008. The group was named after a sex position between two women. The lyrics of their songs, largely written by Shears and Babydaddy, are known for their mixture of wit and tragedy.

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Omar Souleyman

Omar Souleyman is a Syrian musical legend. Since 1994, he and his musicians have emerged as a staple of folk-pop throughout Syria, but until now they have remained little known outside of the country. To date, they have issued more than five-hundred studio and live- recorded cassette albums which are easily spotted in the shops of any Syrian city.

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Hail To The Eskimo

Born from a school days friendship, Hail to the Eskimo are a band who are bringing the Arctic Disco to a dance floor near you. Their songs are upbeat bundles of sonic energy reflecting the stranger parts of life and love with a witty commentary on the mundane still having the edge, allowing it to be classed in the alternative genre. Listing a vast number of bands as influences, from Blondie through XTC and My Bloody Valentine to The Smiths, Pulp and Placebo...

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Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams OC, OBC, (born 5 November 1959) is a Canadian rock singer, guitarist, songwriter and photographer. Some of his best-known albums are Reckless, 18 til I Die, and Waking Up the Neighbours. Bryan Adams was already popular in Canada when the release of his third album 'Cuts Like A Knife' in 1983 brought him a large following in the USA. His fourth album, 'Reckless', often referred to as one of the most significant of the 1980s, sold over 4 million copies at the time and continues to sell now. His fifth album 'Into the Fire' went platinum.

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Steve Ashley

Steve Ashley is a unique performer whose voice can convey great power and great tenderness. He has performed since the 1960's, when he was popular in the folk clubs of West London, and his style might be described as folk-influenced social commentary. He is one of the great treasures of English music.

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Da Endorphine

Endorphine / ?????????? is a popular Thai rock band. Current members are (nickname in parenthesis): * Thanida Thamwimon (Da): lead vocals
* Anucha Boethongkhamkul (Kia): guitar
* Thanat Amornmanus (Bird): bass guitar
* Thapaphol Amornmanus (Bomb): percussion Discography
* ???? - (Prik) (Chili) (2004)
* Replay - (2004)
* ????? 49 - (Sug Ga Wa 49) (2005)
* Sleepless Society 2 - (2006)
* The Best Of - Love Issue (2006)

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