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Robert Jones

There are three or more artists by the name of Robert Jones: 1) Robert Jones (c.1577 - 1617) is an English Renaissance-era lutenist and composer. 2) The Dallas-based Robert Jones made up by Robert Hudson on Guitar, Bass, and Mandolin. Caleb Jones on Vocals, Harmonica, Percussion, Drums, and Guitar. Fred Holston on Tamborine, Keys, and Sitar. And occasionally Spencer Garland on Harmonica and Guitar and Jon Cook on Banjo. The band play many genres including Folk, Folk-Rock, Blues, and Psychedelic.

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Mondo Generator

Mondo Generator (sometimes known as "Nick Oliveri And The Mondo Generator") is an American / band fronted by Nick Oliveri. Nick Oliveri (under the moniker Rex Everything) formed Mondo Generator in 1997 and with friends Josh Homme, Brant Bjork, Rob Oswald, and others, recorded the debut album, Cocaine Rodeo. The LP wouldn't be released until 3 years later due to Oliveri and Homme being full-time members of Queens of the Stone Age.

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Slo Burn

Slo Burn was a short-lived stoner rock band out of Palm Desert, California that formed in 1996 in the wake of Kyuss' demise. They only released one EP entitled Amusing the Amazing before disbanding. The band comprised of Damon Garrison (bass), Chris Hale (guitar), Brady Houghton (drums) and John Garcia (vocals). Slo Burn toured with Ozzfest in 1997 but split up toward the end of the tour, effectively finishing the band at the same time the EP was released.

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Elephantine are a band from Trondheim, Norway, created around late 2007, and comprises Simon Nylund, Ørjan Langnes, Morten Telle, Tarjei Fiske Fjalestad and Gøran Gimsøy. The metal band is a musically harrowing image of how metal can, and perhaps should -sound like in 2011. We´re talking musical gravity in it´s purest form; Massive, guitar flooded heavy Rock. Have you seen a single band, giving everything on stage;
you know it´s quality that can´t be denied.

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Unida was an American band that was formed after the dissolution of Kyuss and Slo Burn. The band originally consisted of John Garcia (vocals), Arthur Seay (guitar), Miguel Cancino (drums) and Dave Dinsmore (bass). Dinsmore was later replaced by Scott Reeder, who was in turn replaced by Eddie Plascencia. Paul Gray of Slipknot also played with the band as a touring bassist. In 1999, the band appeared on a split CD release with Swedish band Dozer.

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Multi-ethnic, political alternative rock or punk metal band originally from London, England with a strong underground DIY ethos. They donate a fixed percentage of all sales profits to charity. The music is usually lazily described as "Rage against the Machine" meets "Fugazi", though Tool, Refused, At The Drive-In and Deftones are often mentioned as well. The band is more raw than most of these artists however, with a punk attitude that pervades the music...

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