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10 favorite artists at the moment

Beatnik Filmstars

Bristol, England's Beatnik Filmstars debuted on the indie rock landscape with the Maharishi album on Big Sky Records in 1991. Led by singer/songwriter/guitarist Andrew Jarrett, the band was instantly compared to some of the United States' brightest indie rockers. After releasing a series of EPs, they returned to full-length form with 1993's Laid Back & English CD on Land Speed Records. 1994 saw the release of Astronaut House on La Di Da Records, and in 1995, California's Slumberland Records joined with Mobstar Records to produce the Beezer album.

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Teenage Fanclub’s songwriter and bassist, Gerard Love, is to release his first solo record under the moniker Lightships. His band includes a cast of Glasgow-based friends, it includes: Dave McGowan (guitar, Teenage Fanclub), Brendan O’Hare (drums, from the first incarnation of Teenage Fanclub), Tom Crossley (flute, International Airport and The Pastels) and Bob Kildea (bass, Belle & Sebastian). The album, Electric Cables, is to be released early April 2012 on Domino imprint Geographic.

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