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Jamie Campbell Bower

Jamie Campbell Bower (born 22 November 1988) is a British actor and singer. His first screen role was Anthony Hope in Tim Burton's 'Sweeney Todd.' Bower attended Bedales School, a boarding school in England. He is a former member of the National Youth Music Theatre. He is also the lead singer for The Darling Buds.

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (RHPS) (first released in the United Kingdom on 14 August 1975) is a comedy-horror musical film directed by Jim Sharman from a screenplay by Sharman and Richard O'Brien, who also composed the songs. The film was based on O'Brien's long-running stage production The Rocky Horror Show. After an unexceptional first run, the movie went on to become a cult hit which continues to play weekly in theaters. Fans often attend viewings dressed as characters from the film and respond ritualistically to certain events in the film.

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Simon Webbe

Simon Solomon Webbe (born 30th March 1979, in Manchester, England) is a member of the English boy band Blue, and also released music as a solo artist with 'a sweet soulful sound reminiscent of The Lighthouse Family'. His first single, "Lay Your Hands", was released on 22nd August 2005, and reached #4 on the UK Singles Chart. His second, "No Worries" also reached #4 in November. Right after the release of his second single, the debut album, "Sanctuary", was released. Despite its #28 debut on the UK album charts, the album began to climb in its later weeks.

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Donny Osmond

Donald Clark Osmond, born December 9, 1957 is a pop icon. One of the biggest teen idols of the 1970s, he's continued to reinvent himself over the course of his 40 plus year career. Donny Osmond's biggest hit came from the 1998 Walt Disney Pictures movie "Mulan." Osmond sang the hugely inspirational song "I'll Make A Man Out Of You." The song is loved by people young and old. At the age of five, he stepped out onto the Andy Williams Show soundstage, and instantly won the hearts of viewers.

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The Stumble

The Stumble are a British Blues Band based in the North West of England. They play a Chicago style Blues.
Members currently include:
Vocals, Paul Melville
Guitar, Colin Black
Guitar, Jonny (Jon) Spencer
Bass, Dave Heath
Saxophone, Simon Anthony
Drums, Boyd Tonner Album Releases:
2006: The World Is Tough

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