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There are nine artists with this name: 1) VEGA is the artist name of Alan Palomo, former lead singer of GhostHustler, from Denton, TX. After moving south to Austin, Palomo adopted the moniker VEGA under which he released a debut single, 'All Too Vivid' in August 2008 and an EP titled 'Well Known Pleasures' in Fall 2009. Palomo is also one half of the Austin/Brooklyn-based electronic duo Neon Indian.

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There are two artist with the name Alt. 1) Alt is an alternative rock/metal group from
Istanbul,Turkey,which was founded in 2000.Currently the band consists of: orkun tuzel(vocals/guitars),okan sargin(guitars/back vocals),sertan sogukpinar(drums),kadir keskin(bass). They currently have 2 releases: ac kanatlarini(2002)(demo)
ikinci donem(2005)(released only via internet) look http://www.altmosfer.com for more information.

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http://www.nemsite.com nem, under the EMI Music Turkey label , released their debut album "Guneste Yalniz" in 2006. Several tracks from the album have been included in compilations that have been distributed in over 25 countries. The recording of the album took place in Marsandiz Studios in Istanbul, Turkey. Hakan Kursun served as the Executive Producer, and the mastering of the 12 track album took place in Los Angeles's Capitol Studios, and was performed by Evren Göknar.

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There is more than one artist with this name:
1) Panik (sometimes referred as Panik ltdc) an influential French chaos punk band from the 80s
2) Panik, a German nu metal-band.
3) Panik, a Turkish rock band.
4) Panik, a producer/dj from Chicago and one of the founding members of the Molemen Collective 1) PANIK (aka Panik ltdc) is a French Punk-Oi band from the 80s that appeared in many French punk compilations. They are one of the many bands from the chaos punk era. They reunited in 2008.

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There are multiple artists with this name:
1) A Turkish rock band established in 1996
2) A Norwegian hardcore band 1)
Redd is a Turkish rock band established in 1996 by tenor opera singer Doğan Duru and guitarist Berke Hatipoğlu under the name Ten. They used to play at bars until they set up their own studio in 2004. Their first album, entitled "50/50", produced by Levent Büyük was published a year later by Stardium Müzik, already under the name Redd.

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There are at least two artists/bands to have used this name; chronologically they are: 1) One of many aliases used by Simon Fisher Turner. Under this moniker he released the album Travelcard (a collaboration with Robin Rimbaud released in 2001) and the CD/DVD Swift, a 20-track collage of music, speech and noise art featuring many different collaborators including Gilad Atzmon and Asaf Sirkis, released in 2002.

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