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Black Roots

Black Roots were a powerful and potent force in the British reggae music scene throughout the Eighties and left a legacy of no less than ten albums and more than eight singles before bowing out of the public eye in the mid-90's. Hailing from the St Paul's area of Bristol, the original eight-member band were formed in 1979 and quickly gained a large following by touring almost non-stop around the country, playing their brand of 'militant pacifism' roots reggae in the nation's major colleges, universities and festivals.

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"Shy" refers to 6 artists:
1. Shy, a British classic rock band featuring Tony Mills, Steve Harris, Roy Davis, Joe Basketts and Bob Richards. Their website is www.shyonline.co.uk
2. SHY, a female Japanese singer
3. SHY, an Austrian pop band from Linz, that comprises Andreas Kump, Peter Lang, Heinz Fleischanderl, Mario Valenti and Hans Riener. Their web site can be found at: www.shy.at
4. Shy, a super sweet minimal dj from Luxembourg.
5. The Shy, an early 80's Detroit power-pop band.

Read more about Shy on Last.fm.

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Pinch (real name: Rob Ellis) is a dubstep artist from Bristol, United Kingdom noted for his fusion of styles such as Reggae, World Music, and Dancehall with dubstep. He released his first album (Underwater Dancehall) in 2007 on Tectonic records, which he founded in 2005.

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Ijahman levi

Ijahman Levi was born Trevor Sutherland in Jamaica in 1946 and is a reggae musician. His first album, Haile I Hymn, was released on Island Records in 1978. He became Ijahman Levi after a religious conversion to the Rastafari movement in prison where he was between 1972 and 1974. It and the three following records preached Rastafari movement as well as Twelve Tribes of Israel doctrine. * 1978 : Haile I Hymn - Mango Records
* 1979 : Are We a Warrior - Mango Records
* 1983 : Tell It to the Children - Tree Roots

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The Drastics

Chicago Dub Massive!
http://www.thedrastics.com Hailing from Chicago, The Drastics bring a distinctive edge to their take on reggae and dub. The band started out as a strictly instrumental act showcasing exotic winding melodies on strange instruments and live dub effects in the vein of the classic producers. After some early lineup changes, the foundation of the band became the rhythm machine of drummer/producer Anthony Abbinanti and bassist Chris Merrill. They have since added vocalists Fada Dougou and MC Zulu to the mix, broadening the band's already deep musical range.

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