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There are several artists going by the name Falter; 1.Falter are an alternative metal band from Blackburn. With influences taken from a vast amount of artists and genres, they blend a mix of hard rock, metal and grunge to create a raw and visceral sound that they can undoubtedly call their own. Falter are indisputably crowd pleasers, as their live performances have been described as fierce, thrilling and an adrenaline rush of honest intensity that other local bands seem to lack.

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FUnk Sinatra

Human since 1977
Musician since 1989
Producer since 1994
Dj since 1999 Funk Sinatra is Eyal goldman from Israel.He preformed at the Dinamo Dvash, Vertigo, Ultrasound, Haoman 17 Haifa, Fetish, Underground (Eilat) and more. He performed at the Dinamo Dvash, Jeppeto, Yellow submarine, Underground (Eilat), the israeli Love Parade 1999 and 2001's Tribal Experience and more. Former member of the kusemek.com crew (long and deleted now), ex drummer for the Shitters , and a nice guy in general. Also he played drums in many youth bands, ranging from jazz to metal to surf (his guilty pleasure.

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Asian Dub Foundation

Asian Dub Foundation is a British alternative electronica band that plays a mix of breakbeat, dub, dancehall, hip-hop and reggae with distinct Asian influences. Formed in 1993 by John Pandit aka Pandit G, Deeder Zaman aka Master D (vocals) and Aniruddha Das aka Dr Das, later joined by Sanjay Tailor aka Sun-J (midi, soundeffects), Steve Chandra Savale aka Chandrasonic (guitar and adf mastermind) and Bubble-E (dancer).

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Though based in Montreal, Deadbeat and his ultra-textured ambient dub soundscapes made their way around the world, finding large audiences in Europe as well as in North America. Deadbeat producer Scott Monteith is a member of the same fertile Montreal scene that includes such luminaries as Akufen (Marc Leclair) and Algorithm (Jeff Milligan). Like his peers, he gained international acclaim in the early 2000s once the French-Canadian city became a hot spot for laptop techno (see the Montreal Smoked Meat compilation)...

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Jah Shaka

Jah Shaka is one of the most important roots reggae and dub artists. He's a composer, musician, singer, mixing engineer, producer, record label owner, and the operator of the heaviest roots/dub sound system in the world!
His name is an amalgamation of the rastafarian term for God and that of a zulu warrior. Jah Shaka has been operating his roots reggae soundsystem since the early 1970s. Shaka is perhaps best known for sticking to his rastafarian beliefs in the 1980s whilst other soundsystems followed the Jamaican trend towards playing "slack" dancehall music.

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Earl 16

Daley grew up in Waltham Park Road, Kingston, and, influenced by American soul and Jamaican artists such as Dennis Brown, began his singing career by entering local talent shows. He became the lead vocalist for the group The Flaming Phonics, playing live around Jamaica. Daley decided to drop out of school to pursue his music career, which prompted his mother to throw him out of the family home. Needing to make some money, the group tried out for producer Duke Reid, but left before finishing their recording for him due to his habit of firing live gunshots in the studio.

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Avey Tare

Avey Tare (born David Portner on April 24th, 1979) is a musician and founding member of Animal Collective. Avey Tare met Animal Collective's Deakin (Josh Dibb), Panda Bear (Noah Lennox), and Geologist (Brian Weitz) in high school. For years, the four of them swapped homemade recordings, shared musical ideas and performed in different group configurations. Avey Tare recorded the Spirit They’re Gone, Spirit They’ve Vanished album with Panda Bear, and initially released the recording on the band's own Animal label in 2000.

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