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London based Sigha's sound blends elements of Dubstep, Techno and Minimal in both his productions and his DJ sets. His First Release (Bruised/ Expansions) dropped on Hotflush Two in early 2009. Sigha is also the Promoter of Medium at Plastic People. In between the studio and the club he can be found behind the counter at BM Soho (formerly Black Market Records)

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Elijah & Skilliam

Elijah & Skilliam are Grime Djs from East London, UK. They both run popular grime blog Butterz.co.uk, which has interviews, free downloads, and videos with some of the best in the scene. They have been on Rinse FM since the end of 2008 and so far has had Terror Danjah, Swindle, Rude Kid, Silencer and DJ Spyro DJ JJ and Oneman as special guests. Check their radio show here - http://grimepedia.co.uk/wiki/Butterz_Sets

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There are 4 or more bands under the name Sideshow: 1) Sideshow was the band of Caulfield founder Bernie McGinn. Originally the band had went under the name of Peer Puppet in the late eighties but decidedly changed right around the release of their first 7 inch. That 7 inch is initially what started Caulfield Records. On top of being the band responsible for the label, they were also a pretty fine sounding one as well. Along with fellow members Paul Tisdale (drums) and Rich Higgins (guitar), Sideshow would release three full-length albums during their time together and a couple 7 inches.

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Alex Gaudino

Alex Gaudino begins his adventure in 1993 in the music business at the famous Flying Records and UMM;
In 1998 with the support of Giacomo Maiolini, owner of Time Records, Alex founds Rise Records, which soon becomes one of the most respected European labels, signing hit records like The Tamperer and Black Legend (Alex is the only Italian A&R who had two # 1 in the UK sales chart ) and the super -hit of Robbie RiveraBang”, which allowed him in 2000 to get the nomination as best European A&R at the European Music Awards in London.

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The Zetland Players

Singing, swinging and perennially grinning, The Zetland Players are currently waging a three man campaign to wrest acoustic music away from those that whine, to those that want to have a good time.

Through an innovative blend of double bass, acoustic and electric guitars, harmonica, harmonies and anything else that takes their fancy, The Zetland Players prove that 3 men is enough for a party. Decidedly English yet unafraid of adventure, their constantantly expanding body of original material brings the rich transatlantic traditions of Folk, Pop, Swing and Rock and Roll right up to date.

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King Tubby

King Tubby (born Osbourne Ruddock, January 28, 1941 – February 6, 1989) was a Jamaican electronics and sound engineer, known primarily for his influence on the development of dub in the 1960s and 1970s. Tubby's innovative studio work, which saw him elevate the role of record producer to a creative height previously only reserved for composers and musicians, would prove to be highly influential across many genres of popular music. He is often cited as the inventor of the concept of the remix, and so may be seen as a direct antecedent of much dance and electronic music production.

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Double Helix

This page represents 4 different groups:
1. A rap group from Tampa, Florida
2. An electronica duo from Woodstock, Connecticut
3. A dubstep group from Scotland
4. A rap duo from Colorado 1. Double Helix represents the very best that Florida and the Tampa Bay area has to offer in hip hop music. The crew mixes the traditional elements of acts like the Native Tongues, Gang Starr, and Dilated Peoples with a conscious, soulful vibe that resonates with both the deepest hip hop heads and casual music lovers.

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London based music producer and solo artist. Gaudi's eclectic style and versatility has kept him at the forefront of his field throughout a notable and prolific career. His music, which is an organic fusion of Dub, Electronica and Worldbeat is on the playlists and regularly being performed live in the UK and internationally.
He has been stretching the boundaries of music since the start of his career in the early eighties. From a very early age however, Italian born Gaudi cultivated his obsession with music by constantly searching for and experimenting with new forms of sounds and grooves.

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