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Keith Levene

Keith Levene was an early member of The Clash and The Flowers of Romance (most notable for also featuring a pre-Sex Pistols Sid Vicious). Although he never recorded with the Clash, he co-wrote "What's My Name", featured on their first album. Levene would later claim he had written or co-written several other songs on the same record, but occasionally he relinquishes this claim. After the Sex Pistols disintegrated, Levene co-founded Public Image Ltd (PiL) with John Lydon (a.k.a. Johnny Rotten). His guitar work was much imitated by several punk rockers and others, including The Edge of U2.

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The Bent Moustache

The Bent Moustache live, breathe, eat, drink music. In Whalley Range in Manchester, and Edinburgh in Scotland, and Wormerveer in The Netherlands, the 3 band members cut their musical teeth. Ajay played in "Dandelion Adventure", Wilf in "Dog Faced Hermans", and Pim in "Revenge of the Carrots". All 3 played together in "Donkey". Now they play in "The Bent Moustache". "Those flabby deceitful lying fools, cardboard guitars held by muppet musos.

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Gala Drop

Born out of the Portuguese music scene, Gala Drop is a project comprised of Lisbon's foremost underground agitator and patron for all creative sound endeavors Nelson Gomes, full time DJ, label owner and Loosers member Tiago Miranda and hyperactive drummer and percussionist Afonso Simões.
Touring Europe in 2008 for the second time (first was with Excepter in 2005), their music has evolved into a blend of tribal/latin-American influenced rhythms, kraut-rock synthesizer jams and much more.
Their debut album is released in 2008.

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Nottingham based Dubstep/Electro/IDM outfit with the following releases under his belt; Berkane Sol 001 12" sold out - tracks are "Overnight Biscuits" and "Shocks on the Rocks". "Overnight Biscuits" also features on "Dubstep Allstars 3" mixed by Kode 9 and featuring Spaceape. Berkane Sol 002 12" sold out - tracks are "Berkane Sol" and "How to Love". Berkane Sol 003 12" out now - tracks are "Feel so Bad" and "De nim e le fant"

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