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Verse Metrics

Verse Metrics, are first and foremost a group of four friends from Glasgow, Scotland. The band have spent the past year developing their music, and in July 2010 commenced recording with Robin Sutherland in Dundee, who has previously engineered releases for Stapleton, Copy Haho, Jacob's Stories, Laeto, Avast!, Tellison, Juliet Kilo and many others. These recordings will produce their debut EP, scheduled to coincide with their maiden tour in December 2010.

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Keira Is You

Started in 2008 Keira Is You with two releases and more than a hundred of shows played all over Europe has instantly gained recognition of the critics and media for their recordings, live performances as well as "against the flow" approach to music industry.  Over the years musicians have shared the stage with such bands as The Appleseed Cast, Jeniferever or Placebo, their albums are sold in Europe, USA and Japan. 

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