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Drewvis is an acoustic musician from Brighton UK, and mostly plays Ska/Reggae/Indie style music. "Just Imagine The Specials drinking tea with Damien Rice and you have some idea of the musical mixture on offer from this one-man-band." - DirtE Records "Raw & rootsy, sing-a-long camp fire, acoustic vibes with super catchy & uplifting lo-fi ska & reggae goodness in the mould of Chris Murray, Dan Potthast & Skylar" - Do The Dog Music

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The Papers

1) The Papers is an Alternative / Rock / Electronica band from Thailand MySpace URL:
Band Website: Band Members:
Chet Chetchotisak - Compose, Vocal, Guitar
Atichat Wattanasin - Bass Guitar
Nithi Prasarnphanich - Keyboard, Synthesizer Record Label: 9 Richter Records
Type of Label: Indie ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

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The Mekkits

Salford/Manchester’s The Mekkits are a rabble of childhood friends, mostly from nearby Cheshire who moved to the bright lights of the rainy city via a few years in windswept and sea-soaked Wales… Indeed The Mekkits’ music is a bit like the weather: A Kaleidesope ranging from gloriously sunshiny singalongs to tales of dark stormy seas. It’s surfy/folky pop music with a smattering of ska! Singing songs of the sea, the city, the countryside, animals, love and life...

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Emil Bulls

Emil Bulls is a crossover band hailing from Munich, Germany , which was founded in 1995. Current members:
Vocals, guitar: Christoph „Christ“ von Freydorf
Bass: Jamie „Citnoh“ Richardson
Guitar: Stephan Karl „Moik“
Guitar: Andy Bock (since 2009)
Drums: Fabian „Fab“ Füß (since 2003) „This is the time, this is the place for great revenge. This is the day to say fire-fuck you.“ „It’s over now. ... It’s unbelievable, now I just feel newborn.“

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Founded in 2001 in Berlin, Germany, Polkaholix reinvents Polka with their gritty vocals and sound, modern along with the traditional instruments, and a sense of humor. After 300 concerts in 5 years, the POLKAHOLIX are red-hot (but not literally). Their new CD "The
Great Polka Swindle" was recorded in the notorious Hansa Studios in Berlin, home to such famous
polka-enthusiasts as David Bowie and Iggy Pop. Inspired by the polkatastic

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There are more than one artists with this name. 1) Previously a seven part band formed in late 2008 in Edinburgh, now playing under the name New Urban Frontier. They fused Ska, Punk, Reggae, Folk, Bhangra, Klezmer, Hip-Hop, Dub, Funk and Reggae. Tags: 
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Mustard Plug

Mustard Plug are a third-wave ska band from Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. Formed in 1991, the band's original members were Dave Kirchgessner, Mike McKendrick, Colin Clive, and Anthony Vilchez. Currently, the band consists of Dave(Vocals), Brandon Jenison (Trumpet), Jim Hofer (Trombone), Nate Cohn(Drums), Colin Clive(Guitar/Vocals), and Rick Johnson(Bass). The band has regularly toured throughout the United States, Europe, Japan, and South America. They have toured with the Warped Tour twice, and participated in the Ska Against Racism Tour.

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Slightly Stoopid

Slightly Stoopid is a band based in Ocean Beach, California 10 miles from downtown San Diego, who describe their music as "a fusion of acoustic rock and blues with reggae, hip-hop, and punk". As a band, they have released eight albums (2 live) with their sixth studio album, entitled "Slightly Not Stoned Enough to Eat Breakfast Yet Stoopid", released on July 23, 2008. Back In 1995, while still in high school, Miles and Kyle caught the ear of Sublime vocalist Bradley Nowell, who then signed them to his own Skunk Records label.

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Beef! is on the move with their latest release out. In fact, from the beginning of 1999, the band has never stood still. That year in the southern Dutch town of Eindhoven singer Pieter Both, (formerly of bands such as Gotcha!, Captain Cocktail and Ootop), formed a band with Hansz Deijnen on drums (who learned to handle the sticks in local bands such as City Pig Unit en Let's Quit) and Koen Lommerse on bass, (who played in both City Pig Unit and Gotcha!.)Their activities resulted in a radio show, The Chop Shop / Sessions.

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