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Orange Street

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Septembre 1997
Naissance du groupe Orange Street dans les studios du Nautilus, à Jouy-le Moutier (95). Cinq musiciens (basse, batterie, guitare, percussions, piano / chant) s'y retrouvent pour continuer à composer. Novembre 1997
Arrivée du premier cuivre (trombone), appuyant l'intégration du rocksteady et une incursion inédite vers le ska. Janvier 1998
La récente maquette du groupe le place parmi les "Découvertes du Val d'Oise" de l'ADIAM 95 (compil Amplitudes 95 de 1998).

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Broken 3 Ways

broken 3 ways have been playing for years,there local lads straight from the north west of england and play from the heart.
The line up has changed over the years as the bands playing evolved, and the line up is only getting better! guitar and vocals: Scott hyland
lead Guitar: Chris Gartmann
Bass Guitar: Fal Thompson
Trumpet: Jay Aldred
Saxophone: Jay P-bo
Drums: Ben Green the music these guys are playing isnt being heard in the clubs n pubs of england on a regular basis but its breaking through with the crowds stunned and overwhelmed with joy...

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RSD (three capitals) is the alias of Rob Smith under which he releases dubstep records. Rob Smith is a dub producer from Bristol with critical acclaim. He has released music as (a.o.) Smith & Mighty, More Rockers, blue & red and RsD RSD is also a band, whose story begins in 1999 with Matt on lead guitar and vocals, Trevor D. on rhythm guitar, Sean on bass, and Trevor M. on drums. After a few house shows, and some cover songs the band was good to go, but after a fast start RSD took a hiatus.

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