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The Hostiles

The Hostiles are a ska punk band from Ayrshire, Scotland who formed in late 2001 with a goal not to conform to popular music. The band, as a whole, is influenced by bands as diverse as Reel Big Fish, Earth, Wind and Fire and the Beastie Boys. They have have recorded 2 EPs, “Big Kahuna?” at Soundmagic Studios in 2004, produced by JP Reid and the “Niceday EP” at Maybank Studios in 2006, produced by Matt Harvey.

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The Cat Empire

The Cat Empire is a six-piece alternative band from Melbourne, Australia. Their sound has been described as a fusion of jazz, funk, and rock with heavy latin / salsa influences (not to mention reggae, ska and dub). Currently, the Cat Empire consists of Ollie McGill (keyboard and backing vocals), Ryan Monro (bass and backing vocals), Felix Riebl (percussion and vocals), Harry James Angus (trumpet and vocals), Will Hull-Brown (drums), and Jamshid "Jumps" Khadiwhala (decks, percussion).

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Rubix Cuba

Its the 25th anniversary of the Rubiks Cube Rubix Cuba: an 80's commercial fad crossed with a communist stalwart. A contradiction. Whilst appearing happy on the outside and in their music, Rubix Cuba are a deep and melancholy band (not that you'd guess it) with songs from the heart...which they wear on their shirtsleeves!! The Rubix Cubans bring a ball of energy to any stage and are bouncy, photogenic and annoyingly catchy.

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Ubuntu is a reggae/dub/funk/swing/samba/ska dance mashup band from Chesterfield, England formed in 2012 after guitarist James and bassist Tom's former band Firing Blanks disbanded. Its lineup is:
Oliver Hunt - guitar/vocals
James Carter - guitar/vocals
Tom Gentle - bass
Jimmy T - trumpet
Josh Hunt - drums
Mr Simon Peterson - keyboard
Switham - trombone!/pages/Ubuntu-band/435075533244283?id=435075533244283&sk=inf...

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Skambomambo is led by Maltese frontman Don Mario boosted by the SkamboMob based in Szczecin, Poland.Skambomambo fuses its own original brand of Ska with other genres like rock, pop, punk, funk and so one as the various members of the SkamboMob have a wide gigging past and this inspires the Ska Made in Pol-Ska as presented by SKAMBOMAMBO.

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Ska done right. Cut the foreplay, jump straight into the rock-solid edge of arrowcat whilst we force-feed hooks and harmonies into your soul. So danceable it'll make your feet bleed, so loud it'll turn your brain to soup. And not some bullshit value pea & mint soup. We're talking full-on olde-style west-country double-strength double-barrel meat broth, with extra BALLS*. Get up and move, arrowcat are HERE!

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Will And The People

Will, Dan and Noddy met in brighton at college 4 years ago, they all had different bands and used to (and still do) play and party together...a lot... Tills (keys) met Will at a piano bar in the after-hours sometime in 2006, Will was mightily impressed seeing him on the ivory - he was also a doctor.... so it was a no brainer for Will! They had to Jam! It was sweet as pineapple when they did the next day, and Tilley was in the gang. Max Tempo (drums) saw Will by himself playing in a tiny gig in Brighton around the same time, with a loop pedal, a guitar, and only bar-staff for company.

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Boo! entered the South African music scene in October 1997, with their mind-bendingly weird, though deliciously consumable sound. The band describes their music as "Monki Punk", because it breaks away from the usual combination of bass, drums and guitar, and substitutes the guitar with brass and keyboard sounds. Discography:
-Banana Flava (live) (cassette) 1998
-Pineapple Flava (aka Monki Punk or Pynaple) February 1999
-The 3 Boo!dists December 1999

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Dirty Revolution

Dirty Revolution are a four-piece female-fronted reggae ska punk band based in Cardiff, South Wales. With such songs as "50 Pence" and "I Love Reggae" being played on Radio One's 'The Lockup', Dirty Revolution have enjoyed an ever-growing fanbase. They've recently recorded and released a five-track self-titled EP on Do the Dog Records.

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