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There are two artists with this name: 1) Oceanus are a 5-piece progressive metal band based in Hampshire, South England, UK. Their sound is noted for being extreamly atmospheric and contains many different elements which include mostly death/doom and post-rock influences. Alex Fawcett - Vocals, Guitars
Andrew Helps - Guitars

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Double Jack

Double Jack was formed in November of 2004. They have played over a hundred local, and out of town shows and have won two battle of the bands. The song “Tribute to Angel” was played on Rock 106.7 in 2005. That song was the champion for the Rock 106.7 Cage Match showdown for five consecutive weeks. They have opened for such acts as 54-40, Grady, and Ten Second Epic. “One Chance”, Double Jack’s first album, sold over 300 copies in the first month. Unfortunately, shortly afterwards, two of the original members went their separate ways.

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There are 2 artists with the name Trampa. 1) UK Dubstep/Drumstep artist.
2) É verso, é reverso. Pulsa. A banda que faz do rock n´roll uma forma de expressar suas opiniões sobre o mundo. Que em sua música não só diverte, mas também conscientiza e constrói pensamentos. TRAMPA é para ser vista, lida e, principalmente: "ouvida"!!! A banda foi formada por André Noblat (vocal), Daniel Costa (guitarra) e Gustavo Costa (bateria) em 2003, e passou a contar com Maurício Costa (baixo) e Rafael Maranhão (guitarra) em 2006.

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Colt.44 Formed in february 2007 when Adam Jerome (Guitar/Vocals) joined Pat Ramsden (Bass/Vocals) in order to create a modern hard rock band. Drummer Matt Savini was later introduced to the band by a friend of Adam's to complete the lineup. Their music blends modern rock riffs with melodic guitar solos and catchy vocal melodies. Colt.44 released their debut album via Casket records on the 3rd of November 2008; The music video 'SICK' will soon follow!

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There are at least 2 bands/artists with the name Vamps. 1) VAMPS is a Japanese unit by Hyde (lead vocalist of L'Arc~en~Ciel) and K.A.Z (guitarist of Oblivion Dust, hide with Spread Beaver and Spin Aqua). HYDE and K.A.Z have been working together since HYDE's third solo album FAITH, which was released in 2006. In early spring 2008, they announced the name-change for HYDE's solo project - and officially formed a band. One of the reasons being to give more credit to K.A.Z for his work. Thus VAMPS was born.

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