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Bent Echo

Bent Echo are long standing underdogs of the Bristol music scene. Originally formed in 1999 by Jack Hancock and Sam baker, the line up was completed with Zac Gregory on Bass. Sam Left the band in 2001 and was replaced with Zac's brother Silas Gregory. Musicly the band was improving all the time but Jack left soon after and Bent Echo was disbanded.
In 2007 the band reunited with the original line up and a completley new set. Tags: 
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We are a four piece West Midlands grunge based band from Dudley called INNEPT between us we have a range of influences from alice in chains, soundgarden, nirvana, deftones, queens of the stoneage, led zepplin and ACDC the list is endless we all enjoy the music and play for others to enjoy and have a good time,
our website at the moment is until we get our own .com website please check us out any questions and comments email peter jones at we are all for the music the people and the the enjoyment on the way.

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Brad from Seattle, Washington, USA formed officially in 1992 (though the members had been playing together for a long time before that) and in 1993 released their debut album Shame. Brad includes 4 friends from the Seattle area who are musicians, including Stone Gossard (of Pearl Jam fame), Regan Hagar (former member of an early grunge band Malfunkshun), Shawn Smith (also a member of Pigeonhed and Satchel) and Jeremy Toback also of Ons.

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