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Weak13 is a cult British band created by 'Nick J.Townsend' that is dedicated to making music inspired by the 90's Alternative scene. The music tried it's best to remain since it's birth 13 weeks before the millennium but the band is now quite well known around the music world for being underground. It's creator does not stop. The band's mission is to exist and serve the public. Weak13 is NOT a record-label manufactured band. Welcome to .

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Sona (UK)

Sona are a 3-piece grunge rock band from Bangor, North Wales. Formed in November 2003 in the garage of 24-year-old lead guitarist and vocalist Jamie Davies, the band mixes a rocky sound with a melodic undertone. Bassist Kyle Lee joined the band in September 2008, bringing with him a unique style and wealth of experience. Hard-hitting drummer Adam Jones beefs up the Sona sound. Sona have released 2 EP’s (“Sona EP” in 2006 and “Underwater EP” in 2008, both recorded at MASE studios, Colwyn Bay) to great response...

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A Fight You Can't Win

Sander: Bangalang Paul: Daddy-guitar Matt: Mummy-guitar and throat violin They met in a disused quarry outside somerset where Paul was showing Matt how to shoot cans with a galtin gun. Sander arrived with no trousers on and danced for a full hour while Matt and Paul look on in horror. It was decided that they would take the disturbed half dressed dutch man to their flat where they fed him noodles as he attempted to explain the lack of trousers and the dancing.

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1) Loop was a South London band founded in 1986 by Robert Hampson and his then wife, Bex. Loop's sound was characterized by strong and influences in addition to the minimalist mayhem of The Stooges and MC5. Their songs were almost uniformly harsh and repetitive, with indecipherable vocals buried under layers of noisy guitar riffs and metronomic drumming. Some of the records featured covers of Suicide, The Pop Group and Can as bonus tracks.

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Galapagos Now!

Formed in early '08 via clever natural selection of traits and adaptations due to genetic mutations in a toxic pool streaming from the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, Galapagos Now! appears to be a pioneer species of Ecuadoran lizard that has learned to mimic and originate mating calls many agree is closely related to rock music. Appearing to be a band in Brooklyn, it seems, is a clever kind of camouflage- one which they have used to their selective advantage while cultivating a habitat in seedy new york dives.

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American Music Club

American Music Club (often abbreviated AMC) is a San Francisco-based band led by singer-songwriter Mark Eitzel. They've been recording and playing in SF clubs since the mid 1980's, showing a remarkable longevity for a band that has been far more critically acclaimed than financially successful. Although born in California, frontman Mark Eitzel spent his formative years in Great Britain and Ohio before returning to the Bay Area in 1980.

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There are two bands called "Minaret" 1) Minaret are a psychedelic rock band from Carlisle, UK. The band is made up of Stuart Whitaker, James Johnson, Paul Saag and David Langfield. 2) Minaret - screamo / emoviolence band from Moscow, Russia that was founded in April 2011.

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Slo Burn

Slo Burn was a short-lived stoner rock band out of Palm Desert, California that formed in 1996 in the wake of Kyuss' demise. They only released one EP entitled Amusing the Amazing before disbanding. The band comprised of Damon Garrison (bass), Chris Hale (guitar), Brady Houghton (drums) and John Garcia (vocals). Slo Burn toured with Ozzfest in 1997 but split up toward the end of the tour, effectively finishing the band at the same time the EP was released.

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