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Skuff & Inja

As members of the mighty Delegates Of Culture crew and solo artists in their own right, with numerous releases already under their belts, Cambridge based emcee's Skuff & Inja now join forces to unleash a barrage of superior Hip Hop onto the masses.

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There are two Arcade's which inhabit this page now. The details for glam metal band appear first and then electronica act second --- Arcade was a short-lived outfit that included members from some of the biggest bands of the 80's glam metal scene. They recorded two great albums with little fanfare and eventually a chance at regaining past glories would tear the band apart.
Vocalist Stephen Pearcy left Ratt in 1992 and hooked up with drummer Fred Coury who had just walked away from Cinderella himself.

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The Counter Armada

Through numerous lineup changes and over a year of writing and practicing, The Counter Armada is settled in what is now a band composed of members with unquestionable talent. Multi-instrumental members Nate Ruby (vocals, guitar), Dylan Austin (guitar), Gabe Glass (drums, vocals), and Josh Shaw (bass) combine to perform a very diverse set at every show. The lyrical content of each song ranges from sardonic and sarcastic comments to themes of activism and humor based social commentary; genres from alternative to grunge to pop punk and everything in between, but never the same thing twice.

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AVER. Here's the challenge, listen to a couple tracks and try and decide what genre they are, even they don't know. Some sort of bastard child of Stoner Rock, Psychedelic, Space Rock and Grunge. In any case it's heavy and it's groovy and it doesn't sound like any other band out there. If those sound like good things to you, they reckon you'll dig them. Enjoy sober, or otherwise. Luke: Lunar Fiddle
Jed: Earth Tremors
Chris: Tribal Rhythms
Burdt: Guitar/Vocals

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Impaled Nazarene

Impaled Nazarene, hailing from Oulu, Finland was formed in 1990. November 1990: The first line-up is Mika Luttinen-vocals, Kimmo Luttinen-drums, Mika Pääkkö-guitar, Ari Holappa-guitar and Antti Pihkala-bass. The band starts rehearsing their own material, first ever I.N. song written is Condemned To Hell. The band also starts playing The Crucified & Morbid Fate, both old Mutilation tracks (Previous band of Luttinen bros.)

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Orianthi Panagaris (born 22 January 1985), better known simply as Orianthi, is a Greek Australian musician, singer-songwriter and guitarist. She is perhaps best known for being Michael Jackson's lead guitarist for his ill-fated "This Is It" concert series, and as the lead guitarist in Alice Cooper's live band. Her debut single "According To You" peaked at #3 in Japan, #8 in Australia and #17 in the US; her second album, "Believe", received a worldwide release in late 2009.

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