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Political, over the top, innovative, utterly hilarious, intelligent and without comparison... Just a few of the ways A-List had been described.
What do people have to say about A-List? -Refreshing, original sounds with sharp rhyming skills.-
Reviewer: Stacy G.
"I was so impressed with this CD. In the music biz, we get tons and tons of junk from independent groups, but this one got my attention immediately. First off, the duo is incredibly well-matched -- their voices compliment each other and their rhyming skills are impeccable (I dare you to guess which one of them is the white kid).

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There are at least two artists by the name of Gaunt: 1) Gaunt was a garage punk band formed in Columbus, Ohio, in 1991. The original lineup formed from the ashes of the short-lived and punkadelic Black Juju, and consisted of guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Jerry Wick, bassist Eric Barth (who had also been in Two Hour Trip with the Spurgeon brothers, who would soon form Greenhorn) and drummer Jeff Regensburger (later of The Patsys).

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A few EQ's exist out there... 1.
EQ is Nicholas Hunt, an underground rap-artist from Reston, Virginia. He released his debut mix-tape, Define Dreamer on Datpiff in April 2011. His second mixtape is called Never There Yet, and was put out in August of the same year. 2.
A Finnish jazz fusion band called EQ (active late 90's) is something hard to categorize. Something about jazz, afro, contemporary music, tango and ambient techno - a creation of Finnish composer and pianist Jukka Linkola. The EQ line-up consists of some heavy weight top pros of Finland:

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Watershed (US) is an alternative rock band based in Columbus, OH. The band's sound is heavily influenced by early classic rock, especially The Kinks, whom the band regularly covers during live performances. Watershed consists of Colin Gawel (guitar, vocals), Joe Oestreich (bass, vocals), Dave Masica (Drums), and Mark "Poochie" Borror (guitar). The band's two most recent albums, The More it Hurts the More it Works (2002) and The 5th of July (2005) have recieved national attention, with "Can't Be Myself," the lead single from The More it Hurts.

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