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The Kooks

The Kooks formed at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music in 2005, where they were all students. Lead singer and rhythm guitarist Luke Pritchard and bassist Max Rafferty formed the base of the band for a college project, and subsequently incorporated lead guitarist Hugh Harris and drummer Paul Garred. They chose a band name from the song Kooks of the 1971 David Bowie album Hunky Dory. Note: There is also a Swedish band called "Kooks", which released an album called "Too Much Is Not Enough".

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Cornershop is a rock band from leicester, UK, consisting of Tjinder Singh (singer, songwriter, and dholaki player), Ben Ayres (guitar, keyboards, and tamboura), Anthony Saffery (sitar, keyboards and harmonium), Nick Simms (drums) and Peter Bengry (percussion). Most of the original members were also in the Preston band General Havoc. Their name comes from a term that refers to Indian immigrants that move to England, in that they often own street corner stores. Their music is a fusion of Indian music, British indie rock, and electronic dance.

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High Child

High Child is: Spud (lead vocals, guitar), Jaffar (lead guitar) Jewels (bass, backing vocals), Alex (keyboards, backing vocals) and Chris (drums). Spud and Alex grew up together in the rolling fields of Derbyshire, where there was little else to do other than climb trees and count sheep. They picked up some instruments, wrote some songs, and formed the band. The band's sound is a mixture of melodic 60s pop and gritty 90s indie. The band has written three demo albums, which have sold over 7,000 copies in total.

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Chicks On Speed

Chicks on Speed are a female band, born when Alex and Melissa met at the Munich Art Academy in 1997. Chicks on Speed's core members are Melissa Logan (Upstate NY, USA) and Alex Murray-Leslie (Bowral, Australia), who collaborate with amongst others Anat Ben-David (Tel Aviv, Israel), Kathi Glas (Berlin, Germany) and A.L. Steiner (NY, USA). Around Chicks on Speed there is grouped a large and ever-changing collective of musicians, producers, fashion and graphic artists, designers, film and video makers, and so on.

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There is more than one artist with the name Embrace, the first two of whom are significant:
1) a five-piece indie band from Leeds, England, who have enjoyed significant success in UK, including three number one albums and six Top 10 singles
2) a Post-Hardcore/Post-Punk band from Washington D.C. that had a galvanizing influence on the Washington, D.C. punk scene of the 80's and featured Ian MacKaye (who subsequently formed Fugazi)
3) a Dutch Trance duo
4) a Canadian Gothic Metal band

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There are several artists using this name: 1) Ultra-hooky, dramatic vocal harmony-drenched tunes. Echoes of the Beatles, Harry Nilsson, the Beach Boys, and Phil Spector are everywhere. Hal go beyond imitation and use their influences, as a good band should, as guides and not blueprints. Tim Sendra-All Music Guide.
Dublin 3-piece, Hal, formed in 2003 and were signed by Jeff Travis to Rough Trade Records in 2004. Their eponymous debut album was produced by Tears for Fears’ Ian Stanley, and released to critical acclaim in 2005, producing two UK and Irish top 40 chart hits.

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Underground Lovers

Underground Lovers was an Australian indie/electronic group in the 1990s. Despite minimal commercial success, the band was much praised and developed a cult following. The lineup changed often, but retained a stable nucleus of Vincent M. Giarrusso (vocals, guitar, keyboard) and Glenn Bennie (guitar).

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