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Azu (born 8 December 1981, stylized as AZU) is a Japanese R&B singer. She is well-known for her collaborations with rapper SEAMO, such as her first major release, the leading track from Seamo's second album Live Goes On, "Kokoro no Koe."

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Grupu Divas osnovale su na Badnjak 1995. godine Ivana i Marija Husar, Martina Pongrac i Maja Vučić, četiri djevojke koje se poznaju od djetinjstva. Svoje pjevačke karijere započinju već odmalena u djevojačkom zboru 'Zvjezdice' gdje su provele niz godina pjevajući i klasičnu i crnačku duhovnu te zabavnu glazbu. 1993. su Ivana, Marija, Maja i Julija Zlopaša nastupile na 'Croviziji' kao članice grupe K-2. Ivana i Marija su otpjevale i nekoliko unplugged koncerata sa Gibonnijem, a 1994.

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There is at least couple band by Grist name: 1)Grist is a no instruments_ no composition_ project of dark ritual drone ambient, from Australia/
2)Genre: Visual kei/rock GRiST is japanese visula kei rock band. They have just released just on maxi single called "?new born?" http://www.grist-mind.com/ 3)Genre: Glam rock/Emo/Punk/light rock Line up:
Marco - Vocals & Guitar
PenPen - Guitar
Jonathan - Bass & Backing Vocals
Xarper - Drums
Sammeli - Keyboard

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Aqua is a - dance-pop group, best known for their 1997 breakthrough single Barbie Girl. Initially forming as Joyspeed in 1989, the band was renamed Aqua in 1994 and achieved huge success across the globe in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The group managed to top the UK Singles Chart with their first three singles. The group released two albums: Aquarium in 1997 and Aquarius in 2000, before splitting up in July 2001. The group sold an estimated 33 million albums and singles, making them the most successful Danish band ever and the second most successful Norwegian band.

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In Extremo

In Extremo is one of the most famous bands, originating from Berlin, Germany in 1995. The band's musical style combines heavy metal with medieval traditional songs, blending the sound of the standard metal instruments with traditional instruments such as the bagpipes, harp, hurdy-gurdy and shawm. Versions of well-known traditional/medieval ballads make up the main part of their repertoire, though over the years the band has also begun to write some original material using the German language.

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