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Mr. Vegas

He catapulted to the top of the Jamaican charts in 1997 with the dancehall boomshots "Heads High" and "Nike Air", his distinctive vocals fusing melodious singing with precision deejaying (rapping). Since then he has built an international fan base with hit singles like "Pull Up", "Tamale" and "Hot Gal Today" but it is on his latest CD "Constant Spring" that Mr. Vegas' spectacular sing-jay approach and cleverly crafted lyrics dazzle with the intensity of an evening in, well, Las Vegas.

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Mavado, aka Real McKoy, stamped an indelible mark on the dancehall scene since his hit single, also called Real McKoy, took off. Recorded on Daseca's hugely popular Anger Management riddim, Real McKoy hit it big last year and launched the career of dancehall's Gangsta fi Life singer. Born David Constantine Brooks at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital, Mavado has lived in the ghetto all his life. Growing up in Cassava Piece was never easy for Mavado or his family, with his grandmother often playing the maternal role.

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Tony Matterhorn

Tony Matterhorn is a popular Jamaican dancehall deejay. Matterhorn's worldwide popularity came in 2006, when he made a somewhat controversial song called "Dutty Wine" (Smash Riddim). The song is also a dance performed by young women, and many "dutty wining" competitions take place in Jamaica. The success of "Dutty Wine" has allowed Matterhorn's latest single "Goodas Fi Dem" (Gully Slime Riddim) to get significant airplay in Jamaica, North America and parts of the UK.

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Born Patricia Kotero on August 2, 1959 in Santa Monica, California, Apollonia Kotero is a swimsuit model, actress and singer of Italian and Mexican descent. She joined Prince's entourage after the departure of Vanity, Denise Matthews, as lead in the film Purple Rain and as lead-singer of recording group Apollonia 6. Kotero had taken part in nationwide audition to find a replacement for Vanity before being cast by Prince in the role that had originally been given to Vanity.

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Reggae music selector, compiler for 20 years and long time listener... Check out the SiamRootsical blog to hear their riddim selections and link up. From Bradford to Bangkok, the UK-Thailand reggae connection. On a mission to big up reggae music and spread the love, send out the positive vybz... Nuff respect to one and all for the support and upful vibes :) and thanks to reggae artists everywhere. …

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Alley Cat

Alley Cat landed in the UK nearly a decade ago to help out at the Skunkrock Productions headquarters in London. At the time she helped to build up the label’s name as a producer, touring DJ, and label A & R / promoter. Now in her 12th year of Djing, she has gone from Skunkrock label rep to a known DJ in her own right. Having frequented gigs in Europe for 10 years, and holding a residency at Berlin’s Icon Club for over 9½ years, she’s still finding new places to present her sound every season.

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