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Graham Day

Graham Day is a founder member of: The Prisoners, The Prime Movers, Planet and The SolarFlares. He has also played drums with Billy Childish in Thee Mighty Caesars and Bass in The Buff Medways. He also appeared in the Gift Horses alongside Martin Blunt and Jon Brookes before they formed The Charlatans. He has produced The Discords, Les Terribles and the fantastic new album by Jarvis Humby. Graham Day & The Gaolers have recorded a 7" single "Get off my track", b/w "The man who came back", OUT NOW on Disques Volfoni.

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Shannon And The Clams

Beach Rock revival Oakland, California band Shannon and the Clams take you back to a time when Judy and Johnny were your favorite worst couple, with the help of some very heartbreaking background vocals and guitar riffs of which The Beatles would be proud. Influences like The Beach Boys, The Shangri- La's, The Ronettes, and Patsy Cline shine through in songs like "When You're On", with front woman Shannon crooning like a scorned Leslie Gore, but with a rough unpolished edge inspired by the likes of The Cramps, Bad Brains, and fellow beach bum Nobunny.

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The Masonics

The Masonics - a winning combination of Milkshakes, Pop Rivets, Wildebeests, Kaisers, film editors, Micky & Ludellas, Vectors, Headcoats, commercial artists, Kravin "A"s, Auntie Vegetables and landscape gardeners. (Not bad, seeing as there's only three of 'em.) THE MASONICS ARE... * MICK 'THE MILK' HAMPSHIRE: singing & 6-string guitar
* BRUCE 'BASH' BRAND: traps & backing vocals
* JOHN 'LARDY' GIBBS: bottom guitar & backing vocals

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Russell and the Wolves

Rockabilly garage punk from the North of England, formed in early 2008 after DJing a burlesque/garage club together. The members are (Russell) Gray Wolf - Vocals, Ned 'Heulen' Hogan - Guitar, Danielle Velterelle - Guitar and Great Scot - Drums. At their debut gig, supporting Zombina and The Skeletones , they were thrown out of venue for their live anitcs, spitting blood and covering the mic in lipstick. Since then the bands that they have supported and subsequently eaten include; Lord Auch , The Chapman Family and Bob Log III .

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There are at least two artists called Utrecht: 1) An British house music producer (2012 - )
2) A Japanese electro-funk band (2006) 1) Utrecht, a house/garage producer from Brighton, England, began producing in 2012. He released "APC" on the Good Years London imprint in November of that year. 2) Utrecht, a Japanese electro band, are Gikyo Nakamura, Yasuhiro Ukai and Tomonori Hayashibe. Their album "Phantom of indie boyz" was released by Gizmmo in 2006.

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