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Rocket from the Crypt

Pledging to never play a venue with a stage, singer/guitarist John Reis formed San Diego's Rocket from the Crypt in the summer of 1990 after becoming disillusioned with the hardcore punk band he was in called Pitchfork. Joining with then-current Rocketeers bassist Petey X and guitarist N.D, in addition to departed drummer Sean and backing vocalist Elaina, Reis and company released Paint As A Fragrance in 1991.

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Russell and the Wolves

Rockabilly garage punk from the North of England, formed in early 2008 after DJing a burlesque/garage club together. The members are (Russell) Gray Wolf - Vocals, Ned 'Heulen' Hogan - Guitar, Danielle Velterelle - Guitar and Great Scot - Drums. At their debut gig, supporting Zombina and The Skeletones , they were thrown out of venue for their live anitcs, spitting blood and covering the mic in lipstick. Since then the bands that they have supported and subsequently eaten include; Lord Auch , The Chapman Family and Bob Log III .

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Yoji Biomehanika

Yoji Biomehanika, can only be described as the Japanese Lord of NRG or Nu-NRG Master, and Japan's No 1. NRG DJ overseas. In the evolution of the electronic music world, Super Star DJs from around the globe have replaced the persona of the rock star for many music fans, and have become the driving force in building the image of our industry.

Having already achieved rock star status in his country of Japan, Yoji smashes all the rules in the book and puts vitality back into the dance scene...

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There are 3 artists with this name: 1. An experimental lo-fi 2-piece from Baltimore, MD
2 The acoustic project of Pennsylvania singer/songwriter Fredric Oakman of Meadville, PA
3. WEEKENDS susikūrė 2001-aisiais Ukmergėje, o jau 2002 m. “Radiocentro” apdovanojimuose jie buvo nominuoti apdovanojimui “Geriausios roko grupės” kategorijoje. Per tuos metus Kornas, Marius ir Ignas sugrojo kelis šimtus koncertų miestų šventėse, studentų festivaliuose ir klubuose.

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Smith Westerns

The Smith Westerns are a band from Chicago, Illinois. All of the members in the band are between the ages of 17-19. Their musical influences stem from the compilation albums Nuggets and Back from the Grave, along with David Bowie, Marc Bolan, and T. Rex. Their self-titled debut album was released on HoZac Records on June 05, 2009. Most of the album was recorded throughout the winter and early spring in Max Kakacek's basement. The band is currently on tour with Girls.

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The Vamps

The Vamps are young four piece from the sunny Gold Coast, Australia. They take an old school approach to their music and value vibe and feel over all other aspects of their sound. They are currently working on an EP and releasing sneaky previews of tracks as they are completed.
There are also at least three other artists with the name The Vamps. 1. The Vamps are an indie pop band from Birmingham, UK.

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