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Johnny and the Deathrays

Johnny and the Deathrays is an punk band, formed in South London, England (I guess) in August 2010, consisting of Fletch (guitar, vocals), Scruff (drums, vocals), and Mat of Cold Megan fame (bass, vocals). They released their E.P. Antidote to Slow Pain in October 2010.

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White Manna

White Manna plays space rock using a scorched-earth policy. The Arcata, California, quartet may telegraph where they’re coming from and where they’re going to take you with their track titles, but knowing the itinerary doesn’t dampen the thrill of their excursion into stellar depths. Opening track “Acid Head” is not false advertising. It begins with an amiable boogie-rock amble before tumescing into stentorian, Loop-like riffing.

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The name Artifact is currently used by two bands and one jazz quartet, and an electronic musician: 1) Ken Vandermark - reeds
Johannes Bauer - trombone
Thomas Lehn - analogue synthesizer
Paal Nilssen-Love - drums 2) Artifact is a industrial/goth metal band from the city of Stavanger on the west coast of Norway, formed in late 2002. After a rough start and a l series of line-up changes, the band settled on their line-up in late 2004 when vocalist Tor Arne Fassotte of Unpure and This Negative Karma joined the band.

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