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The Onyas

Loud, uncomplicated, straight-up, Australian rock and roll. Lyrics about getting drunk and getting laid over top of Chuck Berry riffs. So authentic you can almost smell the pub carpet! Jaws is in The Casanovas, Rich is in a slew of bands including the Ooga Boogas,The Unfuckable and helps run Aarght! Records, John McKeering (Macka) is in the Cosmic Psychos, the Boondall Boys and Ich Bin Ein Esel.

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"Absolutely of the moment gear from Kashii. All the house and garage influences that will draw comparisons with Floating Points, Joy Orbison and the like. We are very pleased to have been given "Tru Da City" upfront by Southern Fried." - Bleep

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Mary Ocher

There used to be a time when musicians were not afraid to dare. Ocher is a proud bright link in that chain. new instruments, styles, trials. Born Mariya Ocheretianskaya in Moscow, former Soviet Union in 1986, grew up in Tel Aviv, currently resides in Berlin.
Has recorded "War songs" in early 2009 at home and re-recorded the very same album for the Berlin based label Haute Areal in 2010. it was released on March 11th 2011.

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The Revellions

The Revellions were forged amidst a haze of frustration and red neon lights in the early days of 2006. Originally a surf instrumental band, they changed their line-up and hit the Dublin music scene with all the vigour of a garage band in heat. Since then they have played to the loving patrons of London's most prestigious garage club The Dirty Water Club, Eyes Wide Open @ Glasgow Barfly, Derry's Beatnik Soul and Louie Louie in Gijon (Spain). They have also played with some bigger name bands such as The Sultans Of Ping, the knights of the new crusade and Graham Day And The Gaolers.

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Charles Hurts

Charles Hurts is a 3-piece formed November 2010 in Belfast. Follow them on facebook at: They play post-un-pop (post-unpopular) music, drawing inspiration from such 60's and 80's acts as the Fall, Orange Juice, the Beatles etc. Charles Hurts have a mini-album available released by and have also been featured on a sampler from Tough Love Records which is free to download here:

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There are two artists who go by the name Doctor. (1) A London-based grime/UK hip-hop MC, part of the South Agents crew. (2) Canadian rock band with vocalist Danny Greaves (The Watchmen) and Rob Higgins (Change of Heart, The Royals) on bass. The duo met while Higgins was subbing in for several of The Watchmen's shows. Their album High Is As High Gets, featuring the single What Makes You Think He's Lucky was released in 2004. Currently, the band appear to be on hiatus.

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Ricky Spontane

Taken from their Facebook page (not that it does them justice because they're a much loved band originally from Liverpool that were too lazy to take over the world!) - "Post punk quirk with a modicum of yelp. Their sentiment and melodies will walk with you always. Hometown: Made originally in Liverpool but they now prowl the world." Taken from band website - "The Liverpudlian garage punk behemoths it's okay to snog during your first date" (NME)

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MOTO stands for Masters Of The Obvious. Pretty much it's Paul and whoever is playing with him at the time. Some people think Paul's lyrics are too dirty but most people think they are funny. MOTO write songs that are catchy. That's all that really matters. It all got started in the early 80's in New Orleans. But then Paul moved somewhere else. MOTO have released dozens of albums, some cassette only, some CDs, some are little vinyl discs like this one. You've probably never heard of MOTO. It's a good thing that now you know.

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