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Kill The Dandies!

KILL THE DANDIES! were started by two main Nihilists (of the former international fame of Moimir Papalescu & The Nihilsts), La Petite Sonja /voc., keyb., synth./ and Hank J. Manchini /voc., guit./ with an old-school-punk-rock guitarist Richard Fischer (also of Take Death). The trio was joined by hammering drummer Vratislav Placheta (Green Monster and also of The Nihilists) and a heavy-duty bass man Martin Růžička of the The Ritchie Success.

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The Hangmen

1) Garage band from the 60`s 2) For a frighteningly long time The Hangmen have been creating & developing a punk/rockabilly hybrid under the generic term of ‘Psychobilly’.
The band has gigged and toured consistently throughout - releasing no less than six albums along with countless compilation appearances, singles and even the odd motion picture cameo.
Having never ran with any pack they've pursued and evolved their raw hi-octane rock & roll formula with guts, distinction and attitude, becoming influential in the process.

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The Creeps

There are multiple bands of this name, including the following: 1) Swedish garage rock band2) US hardcore band3) Czech hard rock band(4)Canadian punk rock band 1)When organist Hans Ingemansson relinquished songwriting and lead vocals to guitarist Robert Jelinek in the mid-'80s, picking up a new rhythm section in the bargain, Sweden's premier modern beat-psych combo offhandedly hanged names from the Backdoor Men to the Creeps and made a big splash in the small pond of garage punk devotees with the wickedly soulful and melodic Enjoy.

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