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There are 2 artists who go under the name of Etch 1. Etch is a 17 year old dubstep/2-step electronic producer from Brighton, gaining momentum in the current music blogosphere for his atmospheric textural garage and dubstep influences songs, big things are said to be on the horizon for Etch, being featured on Truantsblog, Kidcity and The Daily Bugle in the space of one month already. "I was immediately blown away by the potential talent.

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Trapdoor Minotaur

3-piece girl pop-punk DIY band from Leeds with sixties and garage influences featuring former members of Bonsai Kittens, The Seven Inches, and The Kiara Elles. The band have enjoyed comparisons with "the sound of an octopus falling out of a tree" and "the joyful rattling and clamouring of ironing boards being thrown down the stairs". Their influences include: Cowtown, The Supremes, The Ramones, Shonen Knife, The Descendents, and The Bangles.

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the fallen leaves

THE FALLEN LEAVES Their long-held belief that a good idea played badly is better than a bad idea played well, spurred them into action. “That’s right”, they confirm. The Reverend Rob Green (singer) built himself a reputation at Bernie Rhodes’ legendary Club Left.
Rob Symmons (guitar) was the founding member of the original and true version of the Subway Sect.
Gareth Mountbatten Evans (bass) The Prellies.
Ian O'Sullivan (drums) The Aardvarks.

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There are at least nine artists named Desolate. Here are five. 1. Desolate aka Sven Weisemann. "The Invisible Insurrection" was released in February 2011 2. Desolate is a messy chiptune artist from the United States. His music is also described as '8-Bit on Drugs'. He has been releasing tracks through MySpace since 2007. 3. Desolate was a death metal band from Athol, Massachusetts, formed in 1992 and now split up. 4. Desolate is a Progressive Doom Metal band from Sweden.

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There are 2 artist named Jenny: 1) An Indonesian Garage Band.
2) Jennifer Serrano, a singer from Spain who represented Andorra at Eurovision. 1) an Indonesian Garage Band formed in 2003. Consist of Roby Setiawan (guitar), Anis Setiaji (drum), Arjuna Bangsawan (bass), and Farid Stevyasta (vocal) who came from Indonesia Arts Institute, Yogyakarta. After 6 years of well-experienced journey, the Band released their 1st full album named Manifesto Postmodernisme. Their single, Mati Muda has been on Top Chart on some local Radio Stations in Yogyakarta.

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The Herd

There is more than one band called The Herd. 1. The Herd is a hip-hop group from suburban Sydney. They have released four full-length albums since 2001's self-titled debut. Unusually for a hip-hop outfit, The Herd's full band format permits dynamic live shows. The Herd's members include MCs Ozi Batla, Urthboy and Berzerkatron, Unkle Ho (beats), Traksewt (piano accordion, clarinet and beats), Sulo (beats and guitar), Toe-Fu (guitar), Rok Poshtya (bass) and singer Jane Tyrrell. Their songs often feature politically-oriented lyrics.

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Dark Arts

There is more than One band with this name (1) Raised by a pack of wolves in the slums of Ballarat, Dark Arts are a four piece post-punk band that stupidly write songs about girls. Members:
Gabriel Strachan - Keys/Vocals
Samuel Sedgwick - Drums/Percussion
Oliver Nicholls - Guitar/Percussion
David Kent - Bass Guitar Gabriel's older brother, Galen plays keys in Ballarat band Hunting Grounds (previously Howl).

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The Bobcats

The Bobcats were formed in Birmingham in 1965
Signed to Pye Records 1967
Band members were David Cowley Lead guitar Vocals, Paul Willington Rhythm guitar vocals, Gary Hedges Bass/Lead Vocal and Les Fortnam on Drums Three of the Band members were pupils at Alderlea School in the shard end district of Birmingham Also attending the same school but older than the boys was Jeff Lynne of ELO fame, Les Fortnam was a pupil at Alston School Bordesley Green Birmingham.

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