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The Whole Molko

The Whole Molko is a band shrouded in myth, folklore and utter bullshit.
Just ask them. "The Whole Molko is a sexual position from Afghanistan," claims Figgers the lead singer of the Melbourne 4 piece. "I couldn't tell you what it involves or what limbs are entangled, but let's just say it's complicated. Like those crappy relationship statuses on social networking sites." From humble beginnings, the 4 Molkos, (Dave "Posh" Crowe, Sean "Baby" Figgers...

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The Missing Links

The Missing Links were an Australian R&B group from the mid-1960s who were renowned for their (for the time) outrageously long hair and especially for their adventurous musical style, which influenced many later Australian groups, including The Saints. The second incarnation of The Missing Links is also notable for launching the careers of New Zealand-born singer-actor Andy Anderson and guitarist and songwriter Doug Ford, who later became the lead guitarist in The Masters Apprentices.

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The Laureates

With members that hail from the corners of Iowa, Kentucky and remote Illinois, The Laureates are surprisingly at ease with the big-city-energies that drive their debut LP, There Are No More Gentlemen. The group formed in the rocker-friendly context of Chicago over a two-year process that spanned from 2005 to 2007 and saw a handful of members come and go. The project began as Chad Preston’s brain-child when he independently wrote and recorded an album that was exciting enough to inspire him to go out and find the right team to perform the songs.

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Slug Guts

Slug Guts hail from the barren, heat stricken confines of Brisbane, Australia, a town as desolate as it is depressing and suburban. Slug Guts began when four degenerates had little else to do but form a band in the tradition of Pussy Galore, X (Australia not L.A.), and Birthday Party. In the first four months of the band Slug Guts recorded their first LP Down on the Meat which was released on Stained Circles Records (Jay Reatard, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Dirtbombs).

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kids in cars Kids in Cars hail from the quaint Shire of Leicester, England.
Having taken time to define their sound since the dew fall of spring 07, seeing if it fits, like a nice cloth cap, or toasty warm beanie. Kids believe they have now found 'that' sound. A combination of breakbeat, pop punk and garage indie neatly entwined as one. Kids in Cars are Dom Jewitt, Laura Wykes, Jon Freeman and James Stafford ..."we don't know where we're going...we can't see our the car" Kids 07

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Higher State

'BAY AREA ROCK' from Sandgate-cisco !!
formed in 2005 and released our debut album, FROM 'ROUND HERE, in 2006 on the Italian based independant label 'Misty Lane/Teen Sound
The album is available on VINYL and CD Check out our blog for comments from 60's garage/psych band legends, 'THE GOLDEN DAWN' and 'THE ZAKARY THAKS' !!!!! We released our first single 'AND IN TIME' on 'STATE RECORDS' in September 2007.

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Chemical Transport

Chemical Transport is a four piece Australian rock band hailing from the city of Sydney. The band was formed through the friendship of childhood mates Arthur Adam (Vocals/Guitar), Mitch Links (drums) & Ramzi Hajjar (bass). Looking extremely cool wearing an array of band shirts ranging from Nirvana to Limp Bizkit the three would often find themselves confined to a small bedroom in Mascot jamming and playing as loud as they could in vein of their favourite 90’s grunge and nu-metal bands.

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