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Two Tone Club

Depuis l'an 0, naissance de l'Original Ska Band, Two Tone Club sillonne l'Europe et distille à travers des prestations live explosive, une musique d'inspiration jamaïcaine aux accents british. Enflammant la plage des eurockéennes en 2004, les 9 RudeBoys viennent de sortir un album haut en couleur "TURN OFF".

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The Specials

The Specials are a British band formed in 1977 in Coventry, UK. Their founder, Jerry Dammers, based on his knowledge of 60's mod and ska cultures, formed the label "Two Tone", releasing a number of seminal singles by seminal bands with the same passion, outlook and style. The Specials assault on both the charts and popular UK culture began with their debut, "Gangsters", closely followed with a cover of "A Message to You Rudy"...

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The Skamonics are a London based jazz meets ska collective, playing a unique mix of authentic 60s ska, jazz, two-tone and completely unexpected covers. The band have been together since 2007 and have performed at London clubs, pubs and festivals - as well as many function gigs. A driving ska rhythm section provides a firm foundation for blazing horns and a female vocalist, blasting out a wide repertoire of ska favourites and tunes given a ska treatment for the very first time.

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The English Beat

The Beat, known in the United States as The English Beat in order to avoid confusion with Paul Collins' band of the same name, was a popular Two Tone ska and pop music group. Formed in the English city of Birmingham in 1978, The Beat disbanded in 1983, but has reformed in the early 2000s with some of the original line-up.
One of the more popular and enduring groups of a short-lived trend, The Beat released three albums: "I Just Can't Stop It" (1980)...

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The Rudiments

The Rudiments. a - The elements or first principles of a subject: The rudiments of grammar. b - A mere beginning, first slight appearance, or undeveloped or imperfect form of something: The rudiments of a plan. "there is nothing rudimentary about their sound. Another band that makes harmonies work for them, The Rudiments have 60s beat inspired tunes with hooks and melodies to make you smile"

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The Apocryphalites

A nine-piece Ska outfit based in London. The Apocryphalites try to bring Ska back to its original form by blending their own tunes with 60s covers from the likes of Desmond Dekker, Prince Buster and the Skatalites together with Ska versions of everything from Gnarls Barkley to 70s TV.

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Rico Rodriguez

Emmanuel Rodriguez (Rico, Reco, El Reco) (b. 1934) is a Jamaican trombonist. Born on 17th October 1934 in Kingston, Jamaica, by the age of ten he had learnt to play the trombone from strict nuns. In the 1950s, Rodriguez became a Rasta, and became closely musically related to Rasta drummer Count Ossie. He recorded with many producers, including Prince Buster and Lloyd 'Matador' Daley. In 1961, Rodriguez moved to Eng;and, where he continued to play in bands.

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The Selecter

The Selecter were a British ska revival band from Coventry, formed in the late 1970s as one of the essential bands of the British ska movement. Much of what set apart The Selecter from many of the other ska bands at the time was the voice of Pauline Black. She had to disguise herself as a man in order for the band to get gigs, but once they did, there was no disguising her voice. Like other ska bands of this movement, The Selecter featured a racially mixed line up, and songs about violence, politics, marijuana, a fictional spy's theme song, James Bond, and reggae classics.

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Bad Manners

Bad Manners are an English 2-Tone Ska band fronted by Buster Bloodvessel and formed in 1976 at Woodberry Down Comprehensive School,North London, where the members studied.
At the beginning, none of the eight members played any instrument.
The members are :
Buster Bloodvessel - Vocals
Simon Cuell - Guitar
Lee Thompson -Bass
Richie Downs - Keyboards
Matt Goodwin - Sax
Matt Bane - Drums
Colin Graham - Trumpet
Russel Wynn - Percussion

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