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Urgent Blood

URGENT BLOOD were a band that existed for four months in Melbourne, Australia who played a lot of shows, went through over 10 members, did some radio sessions, got a signifigant amount of national radio airplay, stickered a lot of melbourne, released 500 DIY CDRs, made a music video, put out a 7" a day before they split up and played the bar next door 10 minutes after their last show. Danny got deported back to Scotland and now plays in Cleavers and Jamie and Rob play in Old Skin.

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Panel Van Halen

3 blokes from melbourne, old enough to know better but to young to stop. impure rock fury, been practicing for years and from the sounds of it need a couple more.... songs about cars, sheds, motorbikes, shouting at your kids/ being shouted at by your kids, riding motorbikes, being drunk, shit jobs, being hungover and a few sad songs about not being drunk... this is the soundtrack to coming home at 3am and tripping over the couch. Their name has recently changed to Evil Ways

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