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I saw him alive


There are three artists with this name: 1) Former singer for the band Hugo Largo. Her full name is Mimi Goese. She has released one solo album "Soak." She has also worked with Moby. 2) London-based artista and musician. Plays unusual places at short notice. (house gigs, art fairs, on a raft....) Often improvises with non-drummers drumming, often seen drumming herself. People she has played with include Les Enfants Bastard, Ignatz Höch, H, Jeion Nejad, Morvern Callar, AdHoc.

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Tits of Death

Five women. Two bass guitars. Two synths. One guitar. And the Dirty Box. Tits of Death was borne out of not much more than the simple desire to jump around and act out the deepest, darkest, most Spinal Tap- esque of rock fantasies. It was never meant to go beyond the confines of the keyboardist's lounge, yet merely months and a few gigs into their lifespan, Tits of Death's shouty full-on fuzz assault - variously described by revellers as Peaches and Add N To (X) bulldozed by the Cramps or...

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