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Dub Kult

Dub Kult is a brand of table sauce from the Netherlands renowned for its smoky flavour. The ingerdients are inspired by a mixture of classical thirties comedy, mainly slapstick, and a skewed stance on moral religious philosophy from the neo-conservative thinktanks of the late nineties. He can be found in most good record shops.

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Pictureplane is the stage name of electronic musician Travis Egedy. He first appeared in the music scene of Denver, Colorado, making a name for himself at the Rhinoceropolis club. His recent album, Dark Rift, attracted attention when it was well-received by Pitchfork and other critics.

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Shit Robot

Marcus Lambkin began DJing in 1992 after moving to NYC from Dublin. There he got together with some friends to play dance music on a Sunday night at the now famous rock venue, Brownies. After learning the ropes at Brownies, Marcus made a mix tape and handed it out to three venues in the hopes of getting some work. He got three gigs, which went on to become two residencies. One of which was the now legendary Save The Robots, where Marcus was resident for 2 years. During this time Marcus met fellow Irishman Dominique Keegan and formed Plant Records, Plant Saturdays and Plant Bar.

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Château Flight

Château Flight is a duo formed of complementary Parisian producers I:Cube (Nicolas Chaix) and Dj Gilb'r (Gilbert Cohen). DISCOGRAPHY

2007 Body Language Vol. 5
2006 Les Vampires
2004 The Meal
2002 Chateau Flight Remixent
2000 Puzzle

2006 Baroque EP
2004 Les Antipodes - Versions Spéciales (with Bertrand Burgalat)
2003 Cosmic Race
2001 One Remix By Peter Kruder & One Previously Unreleased Track
2001 Two Remixes and One Previously Unreleased Track

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