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11 Aug 2018

(For the Hardcore / Crossover band see D.R.I.) Adrianne Verhoeven has spent her music career lending her vocal and keyboard chops to bands like The Anniversary, Art In Manila, Fourth Of July, and Extra Classic but...

15 Jun 2018

Formed in 1976, as the UK Subversives, in London, United Kingdom the original line up consisted of Harper, Nicky Garrett (guitar), Pete Davies (drums) and Paul Slack (bass), although the line-up of the band changed frequently. Their style combined the energy of punk and the rock and roll edge of...

15 Apr 2018

A music duo consisting of J. Pointer and T. Kim. They produce primarily electronic music. Their debut album "Out of Body" was released on Halloween 2013. Read more on Last.fm

28 Apr 2018

Omnium Gatherum is a Finnish melodic death metal band of many directions and styles, some of them clearly visible while others more unseen. Namely working and keeping it all together under the monicker of melodic life-and-death metal, bastardized by various influences from a whole lot of genres...

25 Mar 2018
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A 6 piece metal band consisting of violin, 2 guitars, bass, drums, clean and extreme vocals; Ne Obliviscaris hail from Melbourne, Australia, and include a vast array of influences...

12 May 2018

Discharge are a highly influential British hardcore punk band from Stoke On Trent, UK, one of the main bands responsible for starting...

15 May 2018

Conan is caveman battle doom from the UK. They crush things. These three guys do the crushing:
Jon Davis - Guitar / Vocals
Paul O'Neill - Drums
John McNulty - Bass / Vocals

24 Apr 2018

There are at least four artists called Havok: (1) an American thrash metal band ; (2) a German death metal band; (3) a Swedish extreme metal band; and (4) an underground rapper. 1) Havok Formed in February of 2004: HAVOK is the thrash metal powerhouse reigning from Colorado that continues to...

29 Apr 2018

The Obsessed is a doom metal band from Maryland led by Scott "Wino" Weinrich, who also fronted Saint Vitus, Spirit Caravan, Place of Skulls and The Hidden Hand.

The band originally formed in the late 1970s, in Potomac, Maryland led by Wino. Later on the group moved into a band house in...

11 Jun 2018

Buckcherry is a band formed in Los Angeles back in 1995. The band released two albums before dissolving in summer 2002 after lead singer Josh Todd left to pursue a solo career. The band reformed in 2005 with a...

13 Apr 2018

The Crown is a death/thrash metal band formed in Trollhättan, Sweden in 1990. Their original moniker (until 1998) was Crown of Thorns for the band's first two albums, which had to be changed due to another band already using that name.

Their music and lyrics are inspired by death, anti-...