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11 Apr 2020

Miranda Sykes, the acclaimed singer and bassist with 'Show of Hands' is returning to her roots. After a career spanning over 20 years, during which time she has played with many of the top musicians and singers within the folk world, she is touring as she started out: one woman, one bass, and...

23 May 2020

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Hannah Scott performs contemporary folk music and is picking up a loyal following thanks to her distinctive voice, strong melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. She has found her musical home with creative partner Stefano Della Casa and their music has been heard on BBC Radio...

20 Nov 2020

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Georgia Lewis is folk singer and avid accordionist from the depths of Wiltshire. She studied for her degree in Professional Musicianship at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music, where she explored a broad range of musical styles, eventually meeting and touring with prog-...

13 Jun 2020

Hannah James is well known for renowned trio Lady Maisery; innovative one-woman dance show Jigdoll; international collaboration Jigdoll Essembly; award winning Songs of Separation. French cellist Toby Kuhn is a post-classical musician with a taste for improvisation and folk music of all...

17 Jul 2020

Roz Firth
Roz Firth is a percussive fingerstyle guitarist, pianist and singer-songwriter. Using all parts of her acoustic guitar, she's able to produce intricate rhythms and bass lines to simultaneously compliment her fast finger-picking and soft, raspy vocals. Roz often integrates her...