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27-29 Headingley Lane Leeds LS6 1BL
LS6 1BL Leeds

Upcoming Events at Hyde Park Book Club

8 Apr 2020

Undercover Hippy
Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds
Wednesday 8th April, 7.30pm. £15adv
More at www.hydeparkbookclub.co.uk/

13 Mar 2020

Please Please You presents
The Trials Of Cato
Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds
Friday 13th March, 7.30pm. £12adv
More at http://www.pleasepleaseyou.com

18 Apr 2020

This one's for the procrastinators and the slow learners. This one's for the bungled and the botched, for the fumbled and humbled. This one's for the late bloomers, and ultimately, Snapshot of a Beginner is proof that sometimes, the late bloomers bloom brightest.

Eight years and four...

15 Apr 2020

The ever evolving HAPPYNESS return. Founded in 2013, the group - consisting of core members Jonny Allan and Ash Kenazi - have acquired consistency in the ways they express their creativity; be it the standard album release formula (their two LPs 'Weird Little Birthday' and 'Write In' have each...