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Speedbird started out life in the mind of guitarist Rob Whelan many years ago. He started local legends "Coporial" around 5 years ago and they killed the local scene in Manchester and the Northwest with massive support slots for the likes of "The Damned". Coporial matched the speed and drama of old-skool power metal with a hint of blues a la "Down". Coporial earned quite a following in and around Manchester later on winning the Jack Daniel's Battle of the Bands in 2008. A new drummer in Matt Lawless and a much heavier and groovier sound and the band looks to be getting stronger than ever. After being let down by numerous singers, guitarists and bassists, Neil Podmore and Matt Lowe came along and they decided it was time for a change. SPEEDBIRD was born. With a massive line-up and a solid set of some massive tunes, melting classic hard-rock influences with each individuals style they snagged a decent slot at 2009's NABD Biker Festival in Cheshire and an immense support slot for "Viking Skull" in Manchester. Speedbird's unique sound and infectious energy always guarantee a warm reception and a lot of moving bodies and flying hair. Continuing to carve a name for themselves in Manchester and the UK (even a few fans stateside!) Speedbird is looking set to keep growing and growing and tearing down venues everywhere we possibly can. Everyone's invited so make sure you catch a Speedbird set as soon as you can. Turn up, Tune down, Rock out!
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loops replace drums. keys replace bass guitars. the rise of the machines. sort of. citing influences as diverse as Depeche Mode and Alice in Chains, Nine Inch Nails and T. Rex and The Prodigy and Elliott Smith, genre-crossing would be a modest description. vocals by jake. age-defying tone. boy band looks. irresistible. angry. music by farr. fighting the good fight between electronic and traditional. completed by tom - giving the cold, driving rhythms the human element. dark. electronic. rock. blackest loops. infectious melodies.

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Kodiak Jack

Kodiak Jack are a hard rocking 5 piece from Portsmouth, comprising Bryn (vocals), Jon (Guitar and backing vocals), Kev (bass), Jeff (Lead guitar) and Matt (drums).
Sitting somewhere between hard rock and grunge, Kodiak Jack manage to inject a pop heart into thunderous rhythms and full on riffs meaning they will never be far away from a radio hit, even in their heaviest moments.

They are a tight live act and already boast an impressive gigging CV with supports for upcoming acts like Specrum7, Everything Everything, New Device and Kobra And The Lotus (Twice) as well as a highly coverted slot with international artist Paul Gilbert (Mr Big and Racer X). As well as drawing the crowds for their hometown shows they have played up and down the country and a UK Tour is in the works for the end of 2011.

With two SOLD OUT releases on the Angry Badger label so far (T.H.E.M in 2009 and Bunny Girl in 2010) August 2011 will see the release of the full debut album 'Your Death: My Glory'. Featuring live and radio favourite 'Crossfire' along with 9 more slabs of .radio friendly rock such as the glam meets Sabbath 'Wasted Youth', soaring melody of 'Waves' and the beautiful 'My Condition'.

Winning some high profile fans (we really don't want to name drop.... yet!) and an ever growing army of fans, Kodiak Jack really could be the future of South Coast rock, in their own words... 'We Are Your Saviours'.

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Nonpology are a melodic metal band hailing from Bournemouth,U.K. They consist of five members and have been polishing and refining their material since 2007. Their music fuses melody and power together with ear catching metal riffs locked in with tight vocals & drum patterns.
They have successfully released two albums, 'Without Regret or Reservation', a full album in November 2009 and more recently in May 2011 'We Are At War', a polished 4 track EP mixed in Los Angeles and mastered by Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios in Denmark.
Nonpology have shared the stage with the likes of Exit Ten, Anterior, Seven Year Kismet, Bury Tomorrow, etc and from May 2011 their main aim is to be on tour and to play higher profile shows more consistently with other household name metal acts.

The material off their new EP more than demonstrates the quality needed to be successful in line with their aims and they are constantly working hard to make sure 2011 will be their year... Tags: 
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MG & The Juggernaut

MG & The Juggernaut are a Bournemouth based hard rock band formed in 2009. Featuring Simon Miller on rhythm guitar and vocals, Luke Albigés on lead guitar and vocals, Perry Wicks on drums and Elise Jones on bass, the four piece exist to bring their powerful yet melodic rock offerings and energetic live shows across the country and beyond.

Inspired by a range of music, spanning the likes of Metallica, Iron Maiden, Placebo, Alter Bridge, Coheed & Cambria and many more besides, MG & The Juggernaut assaulted the Bournemouth music scene during its debut gig in April 2010, making their way to the finals of the Star Sensations' 'Battle of the Bands' competition.

Off the back of this and numerous other gigs, the band secured themselves the much sought after main support slot for Powerage Records’ New Device during their 2010 tour, giving ‘MGJ’ the opportunity to travel the UK and increase their fanbase along the way.

To finish the year off with a bang, MG & The Juggernaut teamed up with Activision and Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock to open an acoustic show at the Hard Rock Café in London supporting The Lost Prophets.

With the band recently finishing off its debut demo EP, that can be heard in full at, and continually growing its profile using the likes of Facebook,, MG & The Juggernaut are ready to take their unique brand of adrenaline-filled rock all around the world.

MG & The Juggernaut can be reached at or contact Simon on 07701019721.

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Orpheus was formed in 2008 by vocalist/guitarist and main songwriter, James Young, and Thomas Vallely, drummer and co-songwriter in the band. The band released their debut album, 'Philosopher of the Sublime' in May 2010 through London based experimental label Paradigms Recordings. This introductory album saw the band use a soundtrack-like approach to their music in which influences as far flung as Dead Can Dance were evident.

In early 2010 Orpheus began writing their EP, 'TBA', to be recorded in August 2010, which drew upon contemporary ideas and some, although few, dating back to 2008. The EP marks a new phase in the development of Orpheus as a project, with nautical exploration, anthropology and psychology being some of the intriguing themes. It is now that the band alleges that the categorisation of the EP's music will be very difficult.

Anyhow, with a high degree of caution they mark out the following as marginally relevant influences as of the EP (2010) onwards:
Post-rock approaches evident in artists such as Slowdive, Sigur Ros, Mogwai and Radiohead's 'OK Computer'. In addition, Ennio Morricone, Bernard Herrmann and John Barry in relation to some of the film composers influencing Orpheus. A trace of progressive influences are not unworthy of mention in that the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Porcupine Tree and Art Zoyd, to name a few, can be mentioned. The band also acknowledges its only actual metal influence, latter-day Emperor, in which its materialised form in this project is very different; used in an almost non-metal fashion. And last but not least, much in keeping with the aforementioned, a range of classical influences are important in Orpheus' sound, albeit modern classical.

On the subject of live shows - Orpheus has yet to perform its first live show - despite its seemingly existent member line-up numerous enough to allow for a concert to be performed. The band stresses that this will change in the near future when tours will be seriously considered.

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Transend was formed in January 2009. Through writing, playing shows, and constantly moving forward as a band, Transend has gone through many member changes, but have finally settled on the current line-up.

The Debut Album “Event Horizon” (which is currently being worked on) features a mash up of genres from Drum & Bass and Metal, to Dubstep and Breaks. All produced by Lee McCormack (B-Trix).

Transend put on a massively energetic live show, previously packing out venues to full capacity! They are a force to be reckoned with, and are pushing the boundaries of their music.

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Started in 2006 by Ollie and Matt, original heavy metal ideas became more aggressive and geared toward what is on the new EP.

We have played in many venues all over Ireland, participated in battles, just trying to get our name out there. Since then we have continued to gig as much as possible.

If there is anything to be taken from this band, it’s this. There are many people in the world that will tell you you're wrong for liking a certain thing, or being a certain way. I'm not saying accept everyone, or anyone. We do not like greed in the world. We do not like society and its mask; our songs represent this. Also, some personal ideas: look behind the mask, read into things, never take what you see at face value.

And let metal live on forever!!

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