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Amity Road

Amity Road are a 3 piece rock band from Bournemouth. Formed in 2008, Amity Road have played all around the south of the UK. This includes prestigious venues such as The Purple Turtle in Camden, The Bridgehouse 2, The Joiners, The Talking Heads, Mr Kyps, and many many more.

Having Just released their first album 'Thieves Get Rich' Amity Road have been constantly playing and promoting themselves all through 2010.

Unfortunately due to a car accident and the subsequent injury of their guitarist/frontman the band have had to cancel there remaining shows for the year, although with 7 shows already booked for the first few months of 2011 Amity Road are going from strength to strength.

You can check out the album online for free at

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Brothers Grimmer

Following the launch of their Second Album "The Big Red Book Of Nursery Rants", Brothers Grimmer are revving up for a busy year. They are a well known band in the Bournemouth area, but are aiming to make this the year they branch out further afield too.

The 3rd album is in the gestation period, and they are looking at possible festival dates already booked such as the Greenwich Festival. Having been interviewed on Fire Radio and Bay Radio, they are looking to up the ante this year.

Brothers Grimmer are often compared with a variety of bands depending on the track.

Try and imagine that all members of Led Zepplin, Tool, Jethro Tull, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Radiohead and Prodigy had donated cells to a scientist lab for studies. Suppose a Stan Lee (Marvel Comics) style accident happened and they all conjoined to create a mutant band. The resulting abomination of scientific development would almost be Brothers Grimmer ...

Now imagine they started dressing in stranger clothes than their predecessors and you're getting close as you probably can without experiencing it for yourself.

The general opinion of fans and reviews so far confirms the description.

"Brothers Grimmer have their own corner of the local music scene covered. That can only be a good thing, especially when they produce such gems as Who I Am ... reminds me of Jethro Tull or Blind Melon, but there’s a
roughness to it that gives it it’s own identity."

Dan Renton (Dorset Rock Online)

" ... mentally leafing through my record collection at home, trying to figure out who it was that the Brothers Grimmer reminded me of. I failed, despite a fairly eclectic mixture of musics in my collection. They look like ZZ Top and The Prodigy got together at a party one night and had a love child ..."

Laura Cousins (Bournemouth Creatives)

" ... The Brothers Grimmer delivered a gut-stirring mix of heavy rock with super-sexy funk. And lots of body hair. An unbelievable amount of body hair, in fact. The guitarists boasted beards grown to suitable (rock) god length. ..."

Claire Wyburn (Bournemouth Creatives)

"Nursery Rants has been easily my most played album recently, it's a genuine masterpiece! Freakin' awesome stuff guys."

Tom Burgess - Muddy Miles

Brothers Grimmer is ...
Lee Cleary - Guitar, Lead Singer
Steve Hewitt - Guitar
Shawn Wadham - Bass
Matthew Cleary - Drum Kit, Backing Vocals
Michael Bundell - Dancer

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The Woe Betides

Once there were two lost souls, Grundy le Zimbra and The Late Simon Mastrantone. They both loved to play music yet they could never find the right slipper to fit. The boredom was killing them. Not ones to bury their heads in the sand, they turned instead to showcasing others’ talent and together with their friend Jeremy Warmsley they created a night called Songs in the Dark. Here they laid on a feast of modern cabaret, a celebration of all that was good in music, poetry, comedy and art. One such Dark night, Grundy and The Late.

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Kodiak Jack

Kodiak Jack are a hard rocking 5 piece from Portsmouth, comprising Bryn (vocals), Jon (Guitar and backing vocals), Kev (bass), Jeff (Lead guitar) and Matt (drums).
Sitting somewhere between hard rock and grunge, Kodiak Jack manage to inject a pop heart into thunderous rhythms and full on riffs meaning they will never be far away from a radio hit, even in their heaviest moments.

They are a tight live act and already boast an impressive gigging CV with supports for upcoming acts like Specrum7, Everything Everything, New Device and Kobra And The Lotus (Twice) as well as a highly coverted slot with international artist Paul Gilbert (Mr Big and Racer X). As well as drawing the crowds for their hometown shows they have played up and down the country and a UK Tour is in the works for the end of 2011.

With two SOLD OUT releases on the Angry Badger label so far (T.H.E.M in 2009 and Bunny Girl in 2010) August 2011 will see the release of the full debut album 'Your Death: My Glory'. Featuring live and radio favourite 'Crossfire' along with 9 more slabs of .radio friendly rock such as the glam meets Sabbath 'Wasted Youth', soaring melody of 'Waves' and the beautiful 'My Condition'.

Winning some high profile fans (we really don't want to name drop.... yet!) and an ever growing army of fans, Kodiak Jack really could be the future of South Coast rock, in their own words... 'We Are Your Saviours'.

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